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World Emoji Day: 10 frequently used emojis and what they really mean


world emoji day

July 17 is deemed as a ‘global celebration of emoji’ celebrated since 2014. Emojis are the perfect mode to convey messages or things you cannot express in words. These little emblems were first discovered in the late 90s by a group of Japanese people working for a telecom company. In 2007, when Apple introduced their first iPhone, an emoji keyboard was inserted in the operating system. And soon the little emblem of emotions has pretty much taken over the world. Over the years, users across the globe have changed some emojis to mean things differently from how they were originally intended.

On the occasion of World Emoji Day, we share 10 emojis that we frequently use and their original meaning derived from the Japanese culture.

Monkey covering the face emoji
monkey emoji

How we use: Facepalm
What it really means: I see no evil. This See-No-Evil monkey has hands covering his eyes, as part of the proverb ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’.

Dancing girls
dancing girls emojiHow we use:
We often use this emoji to express excitement within a group of girls.
What it really means:
Those twin girls wearing bunny years represents the Japanese concept of ‘Bunny girls’, or in simple terms ‘Playboy bunnies’.

Dancing girl
dance emojiHow we use:
What it really means:

Praying hands
hands emojiHow we use:
When we seriously hope something goes our way, we use these praying hands.
What is really means:
According to the Japanese symbol, the emoji is used to express apology or gratitude.

Red face devil
japanese ogre
How we use: I am freaky!
What it really means: Japanese ogre

Hands on the head girl
Hands on the head girl emoji
How we use: To express shock, embarrassment or in an ‘oh my god’ situation.
What is really means: Since the girl has her hands on her head, it means she has converted herself into a human symbol of ‘ok’. The Japanese use this symbol whenever they want to write ‘ok’.

Air Blow
air blow emoji
How we use: Fart
What it really means: Driving there at a speed

Shooting Star
dizzy emojiHow we use:
We use the emoji as a shooting star to express magic.
What it really means:
It is not a star at all. The emoji indicates ‘dizziness’.

Open palms
open palms emojiHow we use:
To usually say ‘Stop it’
What it really means:
In Japanese culture, these open palms represent a hug.

Teardrop face
teardrop emojiHow we use:
To express that we are feeling sad and can shed a tear.
What it really means:
It is a sleepy drool face, another sleeping emoji. The tear on the face is actually a dribble.

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