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What sought of women you are?


Are you the one who loves to work hard, party harder or finds her peace when clean the house? Ankita Das helps you to figure out what kinda woman you’re…

The hardcore feminist

You support rights and equality for men and women and pay a lot of attention to how gender roles are portrayed.  What keeps you going is recognition for your talents and not your looks. You get offended when someone assigns you work keeping in mind the gender. And definitely you took a women’s studies course and it motivated you to make a difference. You enjoy movies, books and music with a strong female lead.

Daddy’s little girl

All you need is your dad’s advice. He is the one who keeps you going and can handle you in all your highs or lows. You not just have his credit cards, debit cards and cash at your disposal but also make sure he is aware of all your expenses. Your dad is super protective of you when it comes to men and you ensure to convince him first in all your decisions. No matter the topic you always chose my dad’s side and vice versa. Saying bye to him is the hardest thing you’ve ever.

Tomboy style

Since childhood you were a tomboy and now that you are in your adulthood nothing really changed. You never really had a thing for standing in front of the mirror and accusing yourself of being the most beautiful woman. You prefer comfort over looks. You use your phone more to surf the web than click a selfie.  And you love adventure sports as much as you love to ride bikes. Be you, the world will adjust.

An ambitious working wife

You believe in the thought depicted in the movie ‘Ki and Ka’. You wonder why not normal, middle-class men who see that their wife as intelligent and has the potential to be the CEO of her company, encourage them to walk their way in life. You are not scared to put your point across your family that you want the top job and nothing else. You encourage working women who are running the house alone. You are powerful and terrific, keep going.

A homemaker’s world

 You are the happiness maker. Waking up other family members according to their school, college, office or any other appointments are taken care by you. Keeping their clothing, documents, utility items ready is what your day soaks in. You know it the best how to cheer your family members after a long day by serving their taste buds as per their preferences. No wonder people say, ‘ghar ki daal and bahar ki biryani’. And yes, you don’t take week-offs.

A total fashion addict

What matters the most is how you look. You have two separate wardrobes—your everyday pieces and the ‘just in case’ ones. There is physically no room left in your home for clothing storage. Even with a closet that looks like it’s full of clothes, you can never find anything to wear. You have no storage left on your phone because of all your fashion apps. You find yourself muttering the correct pronunciation of designer names and discover new boutiques almost every week. You’re fashionably late to everything, because you can never decide what to wear.

Compromise is my name

You are known for making compromises. You are the one who is always ready to sacrifice for the sake for others. Be it a working woman or a homemaker, you keep others above you and not just do it for name sake but with all your heart. You are unique and always loved. Just a little reminder, sacrifice happily but never reach a point when you self-sacrifice.

An old soul woman

You have your own small world in your mind and peace is your chosen place to go. Your idea of partying is really different. You live for the music made before your time and can barely stand the sound of today’s music. People often refer to you as ‘mature for your age’. It pains you to see people reading e-books on electronic devices.  You prefer writing letters to texting or emailing. You like to think things through. It’s quality over quantity for you. You are rare and beautiful, preserve yourself.

Multitasking master

You are ambitious yet you are a family person. You love wearing traditional attires and carry it with the most trending styles. You like rituals and believe in mythology yet you are very much in time. You love your body but believe in being a reflective soul. You are a blend of a traditional heart with a modern mind. You are not easily achieved, embrace yourself.