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Welcome 2018! 8 books that should be on your to-read list


2018 is here, and also the time to set make a new list for the year. Here are a few books coming out soon that should be on your to-read list

Why I Am A Hindu

Author: Shashi Tharoor

In Why I Am a Hindu, Shashi Tharoor gives us a profound book about one of the world’s oldest and greatest religions. Starting with a close examination of his own belief in Hinduism, he ranges far and wide in his study of the faith. He explains, in easily accessible language, important aspects and concepts of Hindu philosophy.

Amitabh Bachchan: Reflections on a Star Image

Author: Susmita Dasgupta

The book is a set of philosophical essays on Amitabh Bachchan, a star like no other in Bollywood. Packed into the persona of Amitabh Bachchan is a star, a person, an expression of his writers, directors, cinematographers, music directors, choreographers and most importantly, the viewer. The book discusses Amitabh against images and appeals of other popular stars like Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar and Rajesh Khanna and even Shah Rukh Khan.

The Best Mistakes of My Life

Author: Sanjay Khan

The book ((tentatively titled thus) will present a candid and in depth account of Sanjay Khan’s life – his entry and career in Bollywood, relationships and friendships, adventures and life lessons.

Small Acts of Freedom

Author: Gurmehar Kaur

In February 2017, Gurmehar Kaur, a 19-year-old student, joined a peaceful campaign after violent clashes at a Delhi University college. As part of the campaign, Kaur’s post made her the target of an onslaught of social media vitriol. Kaur, the daughter of a Kargil war martyr, suddenly became the focal point of a nationalism debate.

Keepers of the Kalachakra

Author: Ashwin Sanghi

A seemingly random selection of heads of state is struck down like flies by unnamed killers who work with the clinical efficiency of butchers. Except that they leave no trace of their methods. Sanghi returns with another quietly fearsome tale – this time of men who guard the “Kalachakra” – The Wheel of Time.

Feel Free

Author: Zadie Smith

Gathering in one place for the first time previously unpublished work, as well as already classic essays, Feel Free offers a survey of important recent events in culture and politics, as well as Smith’s own life. Equally at home in the world of good books and bad politics, Brooklyn-born rappers and the work of Swiss novelists, she is by turns wry, heartfelt, indignant, and incisive–and never any less than perfect company.


Author: Jo Nesbo

Set in the 1970s in a run-down, rainy industrial town, Jo Nesbo’s Macbeth centers around a police force struggling to shed an incessant drug problem.

AAP & Down: An Insider’s Account Of India’s Most Controversial Party

Author: Mayank Gandhi with Shrey Shah


Authred by a former member of the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) core committee, this book is an in-depth account of the emergence and sudden unspooling of one of India’s most closely watched parties. The book reveals all — from the clashes and intrigues that beset the IAC movement to the goings-on during the closed-door meetings of AAP.