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Vijay Mallya and his love of ‘wives’: 3 women you should know about!


Vijay Mallya

There was a time when Vijay Mallya was the ‘King of good times’, he was the living avatar of the adage ‘Work hard, party harder’. But the cruel twist of fate in his life has converted him to the ‘Monarch of loan defaulters’. And that brought him a non-bailable warrant in the Rs 720-crore IDBI bank loan default case. Mallya’s airlines owes about Rs 9,000 crore to various banks and this was the reason he fled from India on March 2, 2016. He has been arrested on April 18 in London, produced in a metropolitan court and even granted a bail.

Vijay Mallya took Jet Airways flight on the day and had checked-in with seven baggages but it was reported that he was accompanied by a female passenger. An Indian news channel has identified the lady as Pinky Lalwani, a former Kingfisher employee. We all are aware of Mallya’s lavish life and his love for hanging out with cute (and probably younger) girls. Mallya is also said to be romantic in real life. He has been married twice (or thrice?) earlier and Ms Lalwani is suspected to be his third wife.



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Sameera Tyabjee

In 1986, Mallya while travelling to the USA on an Air India flight met air hostess Sameera Tyabjee, fell in love and married her. Together they had a son named ‘Siddharth’. They eventually got divorced few years later.

Rekha Mallya

Rekha Mallya

In 1993, Vijay Mallya came to know about his childhood love Rekha splitting from husband. He soon proposed her and they both eventually got married. Rekha was first married to Pratap Chettiappa, a coffee planter from Coorg. She later got married to Shahid Mahmood and was blessed with two children -Laila and Kabir. Post her marriage with Vijay Mallya, he adopted Laila as his own daughter. Mallya and Lalwani together have two daughters -Leanna and Tanya. Though Vijay is always known to live a flamboyant lifestyle, Rekha prefers to live a relatively personal life.

Vijay Mallya_Pinky Lalwani

Pinky Lalwani

Pinky is a former Kingfisher Airlines employee and a companion of Vijay Mallya in his good as well as bad times. It is also said that the both had tied the knot secretly. Earlier Lalwani has been spotted several times with Mallya’s mother and at parties hosted by Mallya.