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Valentine’s Day 2018: Ditch flowers and chocolates, try these 5 romantic and classy gift ideas


Couple in love

Love is in the air! Of course, it should be because Valentine’s Day is almost here. It is the time of the year when you show your soulmate how much you love and care. Gifts are the best way to express the many emotions. If you are not the roses and chocolates type person and believe in gifting something that your significant other will never forget. You need to look beyond the obvious options and customise your gifts to fit your partner’s personality. We have got you covered. Take a break from the traditional gifts and try these five romantic yet classy alternatives to the usual gifts. From recreating your first date to creating your own DIY love coupons, make each other feel special and celebrate it with love, romance, and togetherness.

Recreate your first date
date_coupleEver wondered you could go back in time and recreate all of the feelings you both had for each other on your first date. Well, you can actually grab a hold of that old feeling. Recreate your first date and relive the date that started it all. Think about those funny moments, the time you spent with each other and relive those magical time. Spend a day together minus that nervousness and uncertainty. Your partner will definitely fall for you all over again.

Create your own DIY coupons
couponsNo these are not the regular shopping vouchers but something better and creative too. Make your own coupons and give your partners a certain number of perks. Those coupons could be redeemed for something simple and meaningful like a weekend trip, a week off laundry, two days of controlling all the remotes in the house or anything your partner wants.

Write a love letter
love letter
Always thought love letters are a thing of the past? We believe, writing a letter is one of the most romantic things a soulmate can do. Don’t take the help of any digital forms of communication. Take a paper and pen and put your feelings into words. Write a meaningful letter and let your partner know how much you love and care for him/her. The letter will bring tears of joy and will deepen your connection between you. Your partner will cherish the letter forever and that will add a bonus burst of love every time he/she reads it.

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Create a scrapbook of your favourite memories
scrap book
Gather all the favourite photographs, the tickets you saved from places you traveled together and secrets you both share, compile everything into a romantic scrapbook. Sit together and reminisce all the beautiful times you both shared together.

Try something your partner is desperately trying to
scuba diving couple
Gift your partner something he/she has been desperately trying to get you do. That might be something simple as hitting a gym or opting for a healthy diet or something adventurous like bungee-jumping, paragliding, hiking, parasailing, windsurfing, water rafting, scuba diving etc. This bold step of yours will put a broad smile on your partners face and will make her/him happy from within.

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