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The Lil Flea: Get spoilt for choices at the happiest souk in Mumbai



If you are among the souls who think catching a movie at a multiplex or heading to dinners on weekends is passe. And chilling on a grass sipping your favourite drink and shopping in an open market is your idea of spending a weekend, then head to the Lil Flea happening two consecutive weekends in Mumbai. Mark your calendar for April 6 to 8 and 13 to 15. There’s good food. There are pop-up shops. There’s good music. There are good vibes. The food, shopping and cultural festival is celebrating its 4th anniversary and there are many reasons you wouldn’t want to miss it. This edition will see best of movies, over 60 food brands, artisanal desserts, indie musicians and over 300 homegrown pop-up shops from across the country. In addition, there will be open poetry and storytelling sessions, live art, board games, book exchange, open-air movies and more.

Cinema under the star!
The Lil Flea will bring some of the classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Moonrise Kingdom, Catch Me If You Can and Priceless. The world of cinema comes alive at 10:30 pm. Make sure you pre-register and book your wireless headphones.

Movie schedules:

Weekend 1
Juno – April 6
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – April 7
Priceless – April 8

Weekend 2
Catch Me If You Can – April 13
Exit Through The Gift Shop – April 14
Moonrise Kingdom – April 15

Movie tickets: Rs 200

Festival of shopping and food
We shortlist 10 brands that you must definitely try at the Lil Flea.

HappyBooch Kombucha
Ditch the sugary sodas without compromising on the taste. The home-brewed fermented tea is known for its immune-boosting and anti-cancer properties. The drink is fizzy and probiotic.

Whistle snacks
Whistle snacks offer an array of healthy and tasty snacks made from makhana. These snacks also come in ‘less than 100 calorie’ packs that not only helps in our quest to get healthy but also satisfies the taste buds.

Whether it is a rainy day or a sunny afternoon, these stylish hand-crafted couture umbrellas add glamour to it.

Boriya Basta
The products made by Boriya Basta are handcrafted and includes a fun range of bags, footwear and cushions.

Satva Living
The brand brings handmade and eco-friendly yoga gear for the ultimate fitness inspiration.

The brand has a deep-rooted love for cultural heritage and fashion. The outfits here are made with khadi with a modern twist.

Desi Hangover
This is the perfect kind of desi hangover we all have been waiting for. The comfy woven footwear with modern rendition is loved by men and women alike.

Chaakmaati retails quirky tribal accessories made with vintage coins, earthen pottery and fusion elements. Each accessory is unique and makes its own statement.

The design house named SUTA meaning thread is a reminder of the craft traditions of India. The brand creates a range of attire with a blend of tradition and contemporaneity.

The Mumbai based label makes lingerie like the traditional angiya worn by Indian women for centuries – chic and versatile. They can be also be worn as a crop top paired with denim or lehengas.

The Lil Flea 4th anniversary edition

Where: JioGarden, G Block, BKC, Bandra East
When: (two consecutive weekends) April 6 to 8 and April 13 to 15, 2018
Timings: 12 noon to midnight on both weekends
Entry fee: Rs 300