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Sharman Joshi: A book needs to capture my attention


A form of entertainment
I got into reading much later. With age I took to reading. Though I am not an avid reader, but yes I finish a couple of books a year. I think books happen to you when you feel all other forms of entertainment have failed.

Being inspired
I’ve enjoyed reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and I also like to read autobiographies. The Secret made a huge impact on me. I’ve always liked the concept of positive thoughts and this took the importance of positive thoughts to the next level for me. I’ve also found The Long Walk to Freedom on Nelson Mandela very inspirational and loved reading Rekhaji’s biography.

No favourites
I don’t have a favourite author or a favourite genre – I read across all genres and all authors are good for me so long as it manages to capture my attention well.

Books at work
I read in between shots. When I do not find much time to take a quick nap book to keep me occupied. I take a while to finish a book because there is so much going on. But, I try to finish at least one book a month.

Recommendations galore
I get book recommendations from friends, family and I have several avid readers around me, who tell me about books.

E-book v/s physical
Physical books anytime as e-books never interested me… I am old school, that way.

Currently reading
Women Who Run With The Wolves, it was recommended to me; sounds strange for a man to be reading it, but it is an awesome read and I recommend it to all.