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Seven shades of Human mind


These shades make it robust and reinforce its mojo. These are vacuuming, volume, veracity, variety, value, victory and validation of the human mind, writes Ravi Valluri

The gym instructor resolutely addressed a motely crowd of flabby men and women with bulging midriffs before commencement of the strenuous workout, “You need to burn six hundred plus calories everyday by footslogging on the treadmill, scorch fat on the cross-trainer or the elliptical machine. Or alternatively pump iron on various machines and do adequate weight training to sport a chiselled frame.” He was to add further, “Remember, this is not mind boggling. Undertaking cardio exercises and toning the muscles is primarily a mind game.”

An estimable yoga instructor guided his clients through several sets of Surya Namaskars and various other postures of Hath Yoga. Upon completion of the session, he exhorted the potential yogis to overreach their minds to execute 108 sets of the Sun Salutations for efficacious results. ‘Phew! Gosh!’ exclaimed the students.

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In the neighbourhood, a Yoga teacher (of the Art of Living) directed his group of tutees to complete yet another round of Padma Sadhana (a set of yogic postures accompanied with meditation which is taught in the Advanced Meditation and the DSN courses) so that maximal benefit accrued to the body and mind. “It is all in the mind,” the tutor remarked.

A middle-aged couple huffed and puffed while clambering up to the Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur. Soon they were to meet a nutritionist to regain some semblance of fitness. “Your abs are made in the kitchen. Cut down on sugar, salt and fried stuff and go for long walks every morning and evening without fail,” remarked the dietician. “But most important, parry all cravings by controlling the thoughts which arise in your mind through mindful meditation particularly the Yoga Nidra which seeps into the subconscious mind,” she singularly added.

Is the current purple patch of Virat Kohli’s men in blue in all three formats of the game at variance with those of his predecessors, all with a formidable pedigree? The answer is a firm ‘Yes’, when one measures in terms of physical fitness. According to compatriot Ravichandran Ashwin, his captain Virat is maniacal and zealous in terms of diet and practice. The talismanic captain has without any doubt raised the bar of physical endurance and fitness for his teammates and efficacious results are noticeable in the performance of the team.

Why are we awestruck on a mere glimpse of a rainbow? The variegated colours of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red influence the mind immediately. The mind is suffused with a measure of tranquillity which dissipates nugatory and Sisyphean thought processes.

Similarly, the mind has seven shades to it, which make it robust and reinforce its mojo. These are vacuuming, volume, veracity, variety, value, victory and validation of the human mind. It could be a plebeian, a seeker, a proficient solicitor, a prominent scientist or a high octane performing sportsperson, all need to delve deep into the 7 Vs of the mind to produce a virtuoso product.

By doing so one can separate chaff from the grain and wade through the swathes of antipathetic cobwebs which often mushroom in the human mind. The process of vacuuming helps in cleansing the thought process and acquisition of humongous knowledge and wisdom. This is through regular practice and sadhana.

It may appear coarse and tedious but in the long haul pays enormous dividends to refine the skill-sets. An archer like Arjuna through practice not only expanded his horizon to add weaponry to his arsenal but could also amplify his mind to receive the Celestial Song from Lord Krishna.

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Regular application may appear repetitive on the surface but the process improves faculties of the mind to absorb volumes of information which provides a cutting edge over fellow competitors. The individual is soon saddled and yoked with enormous confidence to combat any disadvantageous position he may confront and develops the propensity to upend the pyramid.

Over a period of time variety becomes the holy grail of the mind. This differentiates an embellished mind from a wonted one. Heterogeneity and diversification soon become the trademarks of such a qualified mind. A misadventure or a muddled situation can be viewed from the prism of variety. The halcyon mind goes for the jugular and is able to furnish different solutions to problems, from the elementary to the most multiplex ones, in a facile manner.

Exactness and precision are buzzwords in the lexicon of a trained mind. It is written in the epic Mahabharata that the chariot of Yuddhistra, which remained afloat several inches above the battle field as he was always wedded to truth, was grounded once he lied about the purported felling of Ashwathama to his Guru Dronacharya. Therefore, a mind encompassed with the attribute and traits of veracity invariably resounds with positive attributes and results.

An old adage goes – Proof of the pudding is in eating. The human mind burgeons in challenging situations and indeed blossoms when results get validated though veracity. However, in case the outcome is dismissive and obstructive, there is a strain of new thoughts developing in the mind.

The mind, through interminable and unremitting training, performance, retention of prescriptive, predictive and diagnostic data adds value to its consciousness and abilities. For instance, regular practice of Suryanamaskars, yoga, pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya enlarges the size of solar plexus which in turn enhances the intuitive ability. The mind and body become a Vajra – a diamond which gleams and shimmers.

Such a mind becomes truly triumphant and victorious in all situations. It exists in the present moment and does not swing like a pendulum between the past and future. It scores a victory even in the most woebegone and antipathetic situations. In the ultimate analysis, the mind will progress to develop and polish its various contours by maintaining rigorous discipline. Then emerges as truly radiant with a magnified consciousness, a mind nonpareil.