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Not being the teacher’s pet is good for you


Bad teacher? No worries. Your teacher’s hatred actually whips you into shape, says Lita Chakraborty

Now that your school life is part of your long gone salad days, you can look back and think about it with nostalgia. Yes, even the part where you felt that your teacher was all out to get you, no matter how hard you tried.

In fact, ’fess up, even today if you close your eyes, at times, you can see yourself adroitly dodging that supersonic chalk flying 100 times the speed of light thrown at you by the ‘Hitler in guise of your teacher’. And why not, you’ve had quite a few years practising this during your schools days, right?

But seriously speaking, school days aren’t really half as bad as it felt at that point of time and nor are the teachers, who we thought to be ogres, half as mean or evil as we presumed. In fact, when you meet those ‘hell’s angels’ teachers today, you wonder bewilderedly why you were so terrified of these frail individuals back then.

The upside is those ‘hell’s angels’ teachers actually taught you quite a few things. Mumbai-based psychologist Ferzeen Firodi avers, “It is a fact that these so-called scary teachers are actually responsible for moulding an individual’s personality. Do you remember the number of times you were hauled over burning coal by your teacher because you were late for your classes? Well, that’s the reason why today you make it a point to be super punctual for all your meetings. What you are today is integrally because of the teachings, philosophies or even habits inculcated by your teachers especially the ‘bad guy’ ones.”

How ‘mean teachers’ mould your personality

Since you weren’t exactly a model student, you had a pretty harrowing time with the ‘bad guy’ teacher who was constantly on your case. The teacher in fact gave you that ‘special attention’ and made sure that you were alert and on your toes at all times.

The teacher made you listen. The flying chalk that zipped through the air and zapped its target, gave you that much-needed jolt to sit upright and listen attentively even when your eyes felt as if they were glued together.

By constantly being on your case, the teacher made sure that you stayed attentive even if your attention was wavering like a quivering antennae.

The teacher helped to challenge your prejudices and discover yourself. Each time the teacher’s tirade stung like an attack from a thousand bees, you did a counter attack by delving deeper into the subject. You knocked down your own barriers regarding the subject because you needed to know it thoroughly to escape his or her wrath.

Love/ hate bond

Do you know that according to statistics shared by world renowned research group WebResearch, almost 60 percent of students first visit the teachers they hated rather than the ones they liked? Why? Nobody can fathom. But it is a fact that over time, many former students form a bond with the ‘bad guy’ teacher and look back at memories of them with fondness.

Not being the teacher’s pet can be a woe but being the teacher’s pet also carries its own cross – you end up being hated by the rest of the class! Go on and thank that mean teacher who suddenly means so much to you now! Happy Teacher’s Day!

Kim Sharma
“I was far from a teacher’s pet. In fact, I was extremely naughty and all the teachers used to love to discipline me. But today, I look back at them with a lot of fondness. They were all lovely and all the lessons they taught me about life in general have come to use.”

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“I was never a teacher’s pet. In fact, I have been punished often and have even been made to stand outside the class. I hated everyone laughing at me and the teachers giving ‘those’ looks. Now I realise that all the shouting and punishments that I got somehow helped me become a better human being. Thank you all my teachers.”

Sana Khan
“My name would constantly be on the board in the blacklist of naughty kids. Academics- wise, I wasn’t very good. I was bad in English and would get beaten by my teachers for my bad grammar. Today, I look back at my school days with a smile and say, ‘Hey, look where I am today’.”