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New Year 2018: Bid farewell to 2017 in your best outfit


What, when, and how to wear your best outfit to bid farewell to this year, lists Pritha Banerjee

It is that time of the year when we all are in that ‘New Year, new me mode. The weather is mostly cozy and romantic. You get a chance to wear the jackets and fur overcoats which were gathering dust in your closet for so long. Though we don’t say it often, we all want people glancing at us and complementing our outfit when we enter a room. What’s better than to try it on the last day of the year?

Mostly, there’s this weird societal pressure on all of us to do something- anything – on 31st night. No matter where you are, on this particular day, you will have some plans. Be it only to watch Netflix with your friends and family and chill. But for all those who are planning to go clubbing or partying, some young and talented fashion designers suggest some fabulous outfit ideas for you.

Printed short dress with minimal jewellery will help you stand out

What’s trending?

“We see a lot of feathers and leathers in fashion this year,” says Ranu Bathwal, who is running her second edition of online pop up on the website Fashion is not just what you wear but also how you carry it. So it’s very important that you know what to wear and when, “For parties, rather than that old conventional black dress, women are wearing pantsuit or jumpsuit,” she adds.

The dramatic look is something that we are going for most of the time. A simple dress with ruffles framing the face or spiraling of the hips is again something in fashion. If you’re a planning on a little drama for the night party and confident about it, try a single colour from purse to shoes for that look. It works for men as well,” adds Ranu. “Denim can never go out of fashion,” she claims, so for men, she suggests denim jackets on t-shirts. Whereas, Masumi Merawla of Emblaze, picks basic solid colours like the bottle green, maroons, blues, blacks for both men and women.

“Strips, half-shoulder, sneakers, and chokers are few things that women are wearing this year. Men on other hand are going for toned jeans, narrow ankle pants, and collar bow on suits,” says Nalini Murugan, a young designer from Chennai.

Make a bold statement with a red or metallic slit dress

Less is more

Minimalism is the term that refers to the work of art that is reduced to only its necessary elements, fashion is an art form in itself and is trending on this concept.  Masumi feels that keeping it less makes it classy. Wearing minimal accessories gives a lot of importance to the dress you are wearing, said most of the designers.

Neha Mokal, a fashion blogger, also believes in creating a fashion statement that is minimal on accessories. The main idea behind all the posts on her Instagram account, The Chic Chick, is to get a fabulous look at minimum expense. Most of the looks are created within a budget of Rs. 1700-2000 from shoes to bags and dress.

When you are creating a minimalist look, it is important that we wearing the right makeup, “I feel that women should also go for less makeup when they are wearing a gorgeous dress for an evening party. A neutral or nude makeup would be perfect in such cases,” Neha adds.

Opt for ethnic Indian outfit with a twist to give it Western party-wear look

Style it

“If you are going clubbing with friends, women can opt for playsuits and draped dresses and to keep it chic and classy layer it with a bomber jacket. Men can go for sequins blazers if they are the sheen party wearers and otherwise a neat collar detailing can be perfect for a monotone look,” suggests Masumi.

New Year’s Eve is that occasion where even a pessimist will find some excuse to wear something exclusive. We suggest wearing a fabulous nightwear even if you planning to fall asleep when the clock strikes twelve. After all, it’s the last day of the year!

If you are budget conscious, Neha suggests, “A clown sleeved crop top, with high waist denim skirt, paired with a brown belt, brown heels, and a cute braided bun.” She curates this whole look under Rs1600. For all those, who like to go on an unconventional online shopping spree before New Year’s Eve, checking out Popup Galleria can be a wise decision. This web-based popup offers designs from veteran couturiers like Wendell Rodricks, Krishna Mehta, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna to name a few.

“Simple, yet classy,” says Nalini, “White shirt and denim shorts with rose gold layered chain, messy bun, and white sneakers are best for rooftop New Year parties.” Many of us like to wear clothes that match with what our friends are wearing, for such situation, Purva Pardeshi and her brand Red focus on designs that you can wear for a traditional or ethnic Indian outfit but with a twist you can make it look like western wear for a party.

Black can never fail to impress at a part

Dress responsibly

 “Fashion is not something that you wear because it is comfortable but it is what defines you,” is what inspires Nalini who is creating an eco-friendly collection. She reuses fabrics from old sarees and dresses to create elegant indo-western party gown.

Day by day, people are getting more environmentally active. They are using products that are eco-friendly. There is an increase in demand for cent percent organic clothes. Thus, sustainable fashion is influencing the industry in a positive way.

Right now, most of the organic or sustainable fashion products that you get are slightly expensive and mostly that is out of our budget. In comparison to this, Nalini’s reusing fabrics will reduce wastage and it is light on the pocket.