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Narada Jayanti: 5 interesting facts about the first journalist on Earth


narad muni

“Narayan, Narayan!”

If you have grown up watching Mahabharata or reading mythological books, then you might be aware of this chant. Yes, it is the chant that comes at the right moment and at the right place by the messenger of gods ‘Narada Muni’. Always depicted carrying a veena and a khartal, he is unpopular for his gossiping (by spicing up facts) that later becomes the root for several controversies. Though he is always portrayed as wise and mischievous, he is not an ordinary soul. Bhagvata Purana describes his story of spiritual enlightenment and in the Mahabharata he is acquainted with the Vedas and Upanishads. He was the master of six angas namely pronunciation, grammar, prosody, terms, religious rites and astronomy. He mastered whole universe’s knowledge, be it above it, below it and everything surrounding it. He was eloquent, intelligent and possessed powerful memory. His birthday is celebrated as ‘Narada Jayanti’.

Patrakar Diwas
Narada is popular for gossiping, spicing up things and knows news from every corner of the universe. He is blessed with a boon that allows him to travel to any of the three worlds. He is considered as the first journalist on the earth and his birthday is celebrated as ‘Patrakar Diwas’. In 2017, it falls on May 11.

Narad-China relation
The oldest of the Vedas, Rigveda has a clear mention that Lord Vishnu belonged to Badrikashram. Narad was the close companion of Vishnu and was a native of Hoon Desh. The place is presently in Uttarakhand region bordering China. One of the legends in the region reads ‘Hoon desh mein rahate narad tholing math wale’ meaning ‘Narad of Tholing Math resides in Hoon Desh’. The exact location of his dwelling is at a height of 12,200 feet. It is the same place where Vishnu and Narad spent time together. They both would travel through the mountains and oceans with the help of aircraft Garuda.

Goal of gossips
Though he is known as the gossip monger and is always been accused of making people fight. Vishnupuram describes him as, “Naram nar samuham Kalahena dhyati Khandayatiti.” Neither malice nor vengeance is the intention in the disputes. His ultimate aim is always the betterment of every soul with no self-interest.

An institution in itself!
Narada has mastered 64 vidyas and possessed the skill to convey ideas into perfection. He is the one who spread the importance of devotion and faith and showed humans the significance of a virtuous life.

Narad temple
There is a temple dedicated to Narad and it is located at Naradagadde, which is at a distance of about 48 km from Raichur. It is believed that the sage performed penance at the mentioned spot. The temple is at one of the scenic islands and attracts a large number of devotees and tourists.