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Mother’s Day 2018: Surprise your Mom with at-home vacation!


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Don’t want to battle the heat and step out to celebrate your mom’s special day? No worries. Pamper her at home with a customized day in, Preeja Aravind tells you how

Another Mother’s Day is here and all you can think of is … how hot is it outside! You want to give your mom a special day but sweating it out in the humid Mumbai heat is not really the way to go about it.

So, what do you do? You pamper your mom within the comfort of your home—a Mother’s Day staycation special! You literally have things at the tip of your fingers—just open an app and get ready to give your mother an at-home special day. It is, after all, Sunday!

Breaking bread, or fast?

Wake her up with a special breakfast. If you are one of those people who pray they not burn down the kitchen around them, don’t worry. Swiggy, Scootsy or Zomato will come to your rescue. Just remember to order your mom’s favourite dishes, from her favourite restaurant. If your mom is on a calorie-counting mission, order from FreshMenu. Their healthy, yummy food list changes every day, so you might have to keep an eye out on what your mom might like.

If you are, however, trying to impress your mom with your mad skills in the kitchen, master a few easy-but-pleasing items you can produce in a jiffy and present your mom with a breakfast in bed. You can even order in some flowers from Scootsy to make it extra special for her!

Put her feet up!

Now, that breakfast is out of the way—get her to relax with a massage, or a salon at home. You don’t necessarily have to do it yourself. You can always put out an order on of a Mother’s Day special spa at home package for her. Throw one for yourself too—they have options for men and women.

And if your mom is the type who says ‘she doesn’t like to be massaged by strangers’ then go for the salon at home—and provide your mom with an at-home luxurious facial or a relaxing pedicure and manicure. You can paint her nails too—though this has to be done at your own peril! Moms usually go a bit berserk when their children try to ‘touch’ their feet.

A different pop-up shop

If you are an online shopper, you might be an Amazon Prime or Flipkart Assured member. But an Amazon or Flipkart delivery would make your mom suspicious. Try There are ranges of regional from which you can pick something special for your mom. And they deliver across India and select places abroad too!

If you are short on time, you can try the Scootsy app. There are several organic cosmetics, that you can put together to custom-make a gift hamper for your mom! Bath gels, creams, even make-up items are available for you to choose from. Why not make it into a shopping expedition? Team up with your mom and splurge away on any of the items that catches her eye.

Keep her entertained

Celebrating Mother’s Day with your mom is just a way to show her your appreciation, so make her sit back and take the day off to veg out in front of the TV. Switch on Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other streaming platform and give up your right to the remote for the day.

Moms need their day off too

If your mom is not too keen on watching mindless television—make it into family time. Bring out your boards of Monopoly, Scrabble or your UNO cards. Or you can stick to the classic Snakes & Ladders or Ludo. Microwave popcorn or order in—just do not let her slog away in the kitchen—and enjoy the day with her. She would love you for this thought-out gift.

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