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Love is in the smog! This Delhi couple’s mask-themed pre-wedding photoshoot is a horrific reality


Banjara studios_mask photoshoot_Delhi 8

Delhi is experiencing its worst smog in the past few years. The city is engulfed with a toxic smog with the air pollution level soaring to a dangerous low. After food, clothing, and shelter, masks and air purifiers seem to be the basic needs. Meanwhile, a Delhi-based photographer Ashish Pareek has a unique take on the capital’s toxic smog. Pareek conducted a pre-wedding photo shoot where a couple is seen wearing masks depicting what life has become in the air-pocalyptic times we live in.

On his website, Pareek writes, “Over years Delhi the paradise of amazingly perfect locations had turned into a dark gas chamber with grey all over. Delhi has got its new colour and people got new faces. Most wonderful mornings became the most dangerous ones where a simple morning walk has become impossible, moreover, it per forced the photographers and clients to venture into new nearby locations.”

Pre and post wedding photoshoots in fancy props and picturesque backgrounds have of late become a trend. Even in this case, it is the same. The only difference is the iconic landmarks and streets are covered in a thick cover of smog and the most disturbingly, the couple is wearing pollution masks. The photoshoot was intended to be a day-long event but was cut short to two hours because the couple, photographer and the team had trouble breathing. As soon as the pictures were shared by the photographer many praised him for his concept, others were deeply moved and some feared that it might soon become a horrific reality.

“I hope not to see a couple wearing a mask and posing in front of Delhi smog, however, it’s high time now to think and decide that ” are we ready to lose our identities and to settle for a colourful mask ?”, asks the photographer.

Check out the photoshoot here:

All pictures are sourced from Banjara Studios/Instagram