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La Tomatina 2018: Tickets, everything you need to know about the tomato throwing festival


tomato festival

The ripe, round, red tomatoes tumble out of crates piled high on trucks, while people throw tons of rotten tomatoes on each other. Thanks to Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, you might have understood that we are talking about the popular ‘La Tomatina’ festival held in Spain every year. The festival was also featured in romantic comedy ‘Walking on Sunshine’ (2014). Both the movies captured the madness of the festival perfectly. Well, let us tell you the festival was initially started in 1945 when some local youths wrestling on the street seized tomatoes from a grocer’s stall and started throwing at each other. Since then it has been a tradition of a sort and over the years drew an international following.

Where and when is La Tomatina celebrated?
La Tomatina is an annual event held on the last Wednesday of August on the streets of Bunol, a small Spanish town. In 2018, La Tomatina will be celebrated on August 29.

Do I need tickets to La Tomatina?
Yes, you need to buy tickets to participate in La Tomatina. The tickets can be purchased on La Tomatina’s official website. The tickets are available for individual as well as for the group, with additional inclusions ranging from entry to parties, and from t-shirts to lockers.  We suggest you go for an organised tour group as the tickets include accommodation, transport, festival ticket and after-party ticket.

What do I need to bring to La Tomatina?
It is advised to not carry expensive phones, camera, and cash, as they might be lost or destroyed. If you are keen to carry your phone use a waterproof pouch. You can carry a few Euros in case you need to buy some wine.

What should I wear to La Tomatina?
An important rule of the game is to wear ‘white’ clothes. Make sure you keep a clean set of clothes in the locker as you won’t be allowed to enter any public transport wearing the same clothes.