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Karwa Chauth 2016: Puja and moon rising time



It is the time of the year again when hundreds and thousands of women across North India will celebrate the much awaited Karwa Chauth. Traditionally, the festival celebrates a wife’s devotion towards her husband and stands for her fasting to pray for the husbands’ long life. It is also celebrated by the unmarried women who follow the rituals for their desired life partners. On this day women seen dressed up in the best of the clothes- usually in bridal colors of red or pink, jewellery and put henna (mehndi) on their hands.

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Women did not even drink a glass of water till the moon rise; they only break the fast upon worshipping the moon. After the puja rituals and once the moon is visible, the husbands feed their wife.

Karwa Chauth Puja:

Karwa Chuth puja starts in the evening around 6 PM. The women gather together to do puja. The Karwa Chauth katha (story) is read out with the thali with a glass of water, sweet, diya and other puja materials is passed in the circle. Depending on region and community, a version of the story is narrated, with regular pauses. Usually the story teller is older women.

Breaking the fast:

Different people break the fast in different ways. The tradition is to look at your husband through a sieve and then a sip of water from his hands to break the fast. In today’s time men also fast for their wife’s.

Moon rising time:

New Delhi – 8.47 PM

Uttar Pradesh – 8:35 PM

Mumbai – 9:21 PM

Rajasthan – 8:56 PM

Himachal Pradesh – 8:43 PM

Punjab – 8:49 PM

Haryana – 8:48 PM

Bangalore – 9:09 PM

Kolkata – 8:11 PM