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It is time India – The land of Bhang, Ganja & Charas makes it legal…


India, said to be one of the oldest cultures in the world is well known for its people who widely use Charas, Ganja or as in English language we call it the Marijuana. It is a well known fact that cannabis is relatively harmless than tobacco or alcohol but it is still banned in India because of the pressure from the liquor lobby who don’t want a better alternative to come into the market and has support from the government that mints taxes in billions from the liquor & tobacco industry.

Here’s a video on Marijuana and it’s scenario in India that educates and entertains at the same time. Watch:

Right now even though weed and its various forms are banned, it is not very difficult to get a hand on these substances in any place in India which means it is an underground industry that is running without any regulation. This makes it even more important for the government to lift the ban and regulate all forms of Marijuana and make it available for public use. This in return will enable us to control the quality, excessive usage and get rid of criminal activities associated with the underground Marijuana industry in India.

Marijuana is also known to have cancer curing medicinal qualities and India being a country that has one of the highest rates of stress related diseases it makes it even more important for us to make Marijuana medically available to people as an alternative and cheap substitute of medicines.

What do you think, Should Marijuana be legalized? Comment your views and share if you agree.