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How to be non judgmental of people or situations


Human imagination can be developed if we are not judgemental or prejudice, writes Ravi Valluri

A cerebral and erudite professor of economics, conversant with the nuances of micro and macroeconomics was confronted with a bizarre statement made by Osho aka Acharya Rajneesh. Osho was to say that mosquitos sting and bite meditators as they are covetous of them.

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The estimable professor did not hold Osho in much esteem and opined that he was prurient, not accepting that Osho possessed one of the most fertile minds of his times, having contributed significantly to Indian philosophy and especially on study of the mind of  Buddha and his teachings. To him Acharya Rajneesh was only interested in nymphets.

Nevertheless, the mind of the economist was intrigued with Osho’s statement. Acharya Rajneesh postulated that mosquitos had been unsuccessful meditators in their previous births, thus ambushed the skin of those who effortlessly slipped into meditation. The renowned professor who had published several books and thought provoking papers simply debunked with the argument. He found it outlandish without any gravitas and continued to pour over the perils and advantages of demonetisation of high valued currency in the country.

A few days later, the pre-eminent professor was shuffling through a rather mutilated copy of The Economic Times, and analysing quarks as postulated by the noted scientist Murray Gell- Mann. He happened to enter a room where his grandson was attempting to sing Raga Vrindavan Sarang under the tutelage of his Guru. There were some sublime moments, others jarring in the rendition of the classical piece. Nevertheless, his heart was filled with jollity as the grandson broke the cacophony of the idiot box which was quotidian in the house every evening.

The accomplished professor was to witness a trail of ant’s making a beeline towards his grandson. It was an amusing and also a terrifying sight. The grandson who was a witness to slanging match between his father and grandfather about the hypothesis of Osho, came up with a rather curious meme about ants. He was to say, ‘These are distraught ants who in their previous birth could never learn classical music or are appreciating the quality of my singing.’

The Guru and the grandfather were both in splits at this outrageous declaration.  The grandson successfully conjured a dreamscape which to the grandfather was akin to Osho’s proclamation.

Upon the completion of the music class the family sat down for dinner, where mindful eating was replaced by a rambunctious conversation about politics, demonetisation and remonetisation of some political parties.

The discussion also spanned the array of religious and spiritual Masters the sagacious economist had met in his life, from Jiddu Krishnamurthy, Sathya Saibaba and Ganpathi Satchidananda Swamiji to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The works of these spiritual masters did not appeal to the scientific and rational intellect of the professor.  He could not connect with these teachings as he found them bereft of logical thinking.

The economics professor, in the winter of is life had become an agnostic and an atheist. The gentleman was immensely troubled and had virtually become distressed with rise of the right-wing across the world. His mind was distraught as to how binary humans were becoming in their thought process.

The tranquillity, peace and harmony which had cocooned his comfort zone had been broken asunder and his cherished ‘secular and socialist’ values were imperilled and under siege. The professor of economics was blessed with immense intellect and intelligence. His discernment, perception and acumen to grasp the gradation of the global and domestic political economy were exemplary.

He was blessed with immense wisdom and irrefutable judgement to decipher the trends of markets, swings in the Sensex and the churning and tectonic changes occurring in the field of technology. With his exposure to The Economist and other scientific magazines he was well equipped to hold forth on topics ranging from micro-computers to the cyberspace.

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Many men at his age would be awestruck with high speed and bullet trains, but the economist was aware that hyper loop would be the next mode of transportation of men and material. The left hemisphere of his brain was extremely developed, and he could not be questioned on logic. His prowess in dialectics, deduction, argumentation and ratiocination were flawless.

However, what the professor lacked was in the maturing and buildout of the right hemisphere of the brain. While the left hemisphere of the brain focusses on logic and sciences, the right hemisphere deals with fields of creativity, music, literature among others. A truly blessed person is with both left and right hemispheres proportionately blossomed. Such a person is authentically imaginative in his thought process.

Albert Einstein was one such scientist, adept at solving complex mathematical problems pertaining to matter and simultaneously, equally gifted in playing the piano. Imagination is the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses- Wikipedia.

An imaginative individual is not stuck in the Catch 22 situation of factoid nor is his mind stuck in the cesspool of past events. The aperture of his mind is open to embrace all transmutation and metamorphosis taking place in the world.

Human imagination can be developed if we are not judgemental or prejudiced. A non-judgemental person truly loves his fellow beings and is open to innovative ideas which have the potential to radically alter the face of the world.

The power of imagination can be harnessed by regularly practising yoga, pranayama, meditation, Pranic Healing and through the breathing techniques such as Sudarshan Kriya or Vipassana. Then the mind totally opens and becomes expansive.

There is an interesting mathematical equation: Intelligence + Intellect could perhaps generate ego if an individual is judgmental, as he does not accept people and situations as they are. However, when Intelligence + Intellect-àSurrender, that which leads to surrender and sublimates ego, will transfigure the inner personality thereby harnessing the enormous potential of imagination. This is what perhaps the quintessential economics professor lost in the maze of monetary and fiscal policy.