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Holi 2018: How to make your own colours at home


Holi colours

Holi is just a few hours away, and while you are excited to celebrate the festival of colours with your friends and family, there is also a serious concern when it comes to using colours available in the market. Yes, those harmful colours made of chemicals and glass powder. So, choose herbal and organic colours as an alternate way to those harmful powders. The best way to ensure a healthy play of colours is by making your colours at home. Here’s your quick guide to make colours at home using household ingredients.

  • Yellow: Use turmeric powder or gram flour for a bright yellow colour. Both are used in face-pack and hence will only help your skin glow. You can also use dry marigold flower powder.
  • Red: Use Sandalwood powder or powder dry hibiscus flower for red colour.
  • Green: Use Henna powder for a beautiful green colour. Don’t worry about Henna leaving colour as it only leaves colour when it is wet. You can also use dry leaves and crush it in fine powder for the green colour.

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  • Other: If you fancy different colours, get flowers of the different colours and powder dry it.
  • Orange: Dry some petals of the marigold flowers and grind them in a mixer. You will get yellow coloured powder.
  • Pink: Dry beetroots and grind it to make it a fine powder. Mix the powder with gram flour or besan.
  • Blue: Dry blue hibiscus or Bluebell flowers and grind it to make beautiful blue colour.