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Go green, elevate your home’s energy


lants and trees play vital role in enhancing the Earth Energies. Dr Harshit Ravindra Kapadia tells you easy ways in which you can include them in spreading positivity

Since we are approaching New Year 2018, I would like to share very important information on spreading positive energy into your space and environment.

Bhoomi Vastu (Earth Vastu and Feng Shui) principles are used to enhance the Earth Energies. Earth Energies are very important for stability and health of the occupants. If there are Vastu and Feng Shui defects observed in a property / structure and if that property’s earth energies are strong enough, the negative impact of defects gets minimized to a certain extent, however, if there are many defects in the property and earth energies of that property are also very weak, great difficulties are observed by the occupants. There are many easy and practical ways to enhance the earth energies.

 Enhancing energies

Plants and trees play vital role in enhancing the Earth Energies. Plants and Trees detoxify the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases. They emit oxygen and also stabiles the soil, thus helping in restoring Earth Energies. They help in cooling the environment and maintaining ecological balance. Plants and trees helps in making spaces look live and enhance the beauty of a property. Trees attract birds. The sound of birds also has an importance in Vastu and Feng Shui.

We are under the influence of various radiations and ultraviolet rays, which is a concern health, thus trees helps in providing protection. Being closer to trees and plants can help in reducing mental fatigue and provide healing. Garden view from bedroom or office cabin is very beneficial. Seeing plants can help you feel calm and more optimistic. Plants add to feeling of happiness. Medical studies suggest that patients having garden view from their rooms have a tendency to recover quicker.

Green is good

Green is considered very good colour for health and healing. People suffering from depression and loneliness are recommended spend time near plants. Indoor plants can improve mental balance. Indoor plants work as nature’s humidifiers. Rather than using artificial humidifiers, it is recommended to keep indoor plants near the windows, living rooms and toilets. Avoid keeping plants in bedroom. Plants help young children to improve their thinking skills. Plants help in increasing immune level of property and occupants.

Plants when kept in office help in increasing brain function.  Many people have experienced greater focus, improve in concentration and better creativity. They help in reducing office stress when placed rightly.  Many flowers have medicinal value. Floral plants help in giving emotional benefits and help in reducing fatigue. Fresh flowers especially yellow flowers in dining rooms and on dining table are a great idea. Keeping fresh flowers on dining table and near main entrance of house is highly recommended.

Planting trees on two sides of the roads help in canalizing the Energies into the town / city. Small plants and floral plants are beneficial in between two roads especially highways and internal city roads. Maintain plants and trees well. Regular trimming and taking care is important. Since we are approaching New Year, a great way of exchanging positive energy is by gifting plants and having tree plantation ceremonies especially on the New Year Day. By planting trees we reciprocate back to mother earth, thus enhancing Earth Energies of property.

Benefits of trees and plants:

  • Helps to maintain ecological balance, climate change and helps environment.
  • Help in improve Earth Energies of the property where they are planted.
  • Looks fresh and welcoming.
  • Strengthens Earth.
  • Keeping air temperature down.
  • Gives oxygen.
  • Provides shelter to birds and animals.
  • Important source of food for humans.
  • Helps in drawing rain clouds.
  • Helps in detoxifying energies.
  • Reduces pollution.
  • Reduces airborne dust levels.
  • Reduces outside noise levels.

Few Important concepts for Plants and Trees:

  • A basil (Tulsi) plant is very positive and it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen 24 hours. Hence it is required in each and every house especially in the center portion of the house if possible or near the entrance of the property. It can be planted in pot near the main gate or entrance.
  • For improving Earth Energies, Palms can be planted or can be kept in pots along the compound wall on all the four sides of the property.
  • Colorful flowers are beneficial on East side of the premises.
  • A pair of rose plant (pink / red) helps in improving relationship if planted in the southwest sector.
  • Small medicinal plants should be planted on the northern side of the premises.
  • A pair of Christmas tree is good at the entrance gate.
  • Small plants can be kept in pots inside the house. Keep them in living rooms. Small potted plants can also be kept in toilets.
  • Use organic manure for plant’s nutrition.
  • Green lawns and hedging are considered very positive.
  • Use earthen pots for potted pants.


  • Avoid cutting trees, it leads to wood curse.
  • Avoid planting trees directly opposite the entrance.
  • Avoid thorny plants in general, though few thorny plants are good, but use them as per expert’s advice.
  • Clear dried leaves, stems and branches.
  • Avoid creepers, especially above the entrance.
  • Avoid plants that droop downwards.
  • Avoid bonsai plants / trees.
  • Avoid artificial plants in your property.
  • Avoid keeping dried plants for art.
  • Avoid planting trees too close to the building, maintain safe distance.