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Ganesh Chaturthi 2018: From Sprouts Ganesha to Tree Ganesha, 5 places in Mumbai to book your Green Ganesha


eco friendly ganesha mumbai

Mumbai has already started gearing up for one of its most awaited festivals, ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’. Many NGOs have been promoting the need for celebrating the festival in an eco-friendly manner. With increasing environmental awareness more and more people are joining the eco-friendly bandwagon by bringing home Green Ganesha. The use of chemical colours and Plaster of Paris (PoP) for making Ganesha idols comes with a lot of environmental hazards. If you want to join the bandwagon and want to go green, here is the list of places in Mumbai to book your Green Ganesha.

Sprouts Ganesha
sprouts ganesha
Mumbai based ‘Sprouts’ is an environment trust that is on a mission to make fish friendly Ganesha idols. The idols are filled with sprouts, corns, and spinach and are painted with natural dyes which help to keep the ocean clean. The size of all the idols is 9 inches. Anand Pendharkar, the founder of Sprouts Environment Trust, says, “There are a lot of people who booked Ganesha last year are coming back to us. The response is pretty much good.” Apart from making Green Ganesha, the green NGO organises workshops in residential areas, schools, and corporate houses. “While we are doing these workshops we also tell them about the decoration ideas like how they can use their own potted plants, dupattas and other household stuff for decoration. And how they can enjoy the festival more by organising events such as poetry competition, art-based activities, wildlife talks and photo exhibition. People will get more time to engage in community activities,” says Pendharkar.
Cost: Rs 1,250
To book: WhatsApp on 9820140254

Tree Ganesha
The name itself defines the concept of the idols. ‘Tree Ganesha’ is a brainchild of Dattadri Kothur who makes idols with neem seeds inserted in them. So during immersion, devotees just need to place the idol in a pot with soil and pour water on it. Within minutes, you can see the idols dissolve in it. The idols are available in four sizes – 9, 12, 15 and 18 inches. In addition, Tree Ganesha also organises workshop and demos in which people are made aware of the concept of Tree Ganesha, benefits of eco-friendly Ganesha, harmful effects of Plaster of Paris, tips, and tricks to identify eco-friendly Ganesha and more.

Talking on the concept Dattadri Kothur says, “Going eco-friendly is very important in Mumbai, water bodies in the city like the Girgaon Chowpatty, Dadar Chowpatty, are already polluted. Every year there is an increase in demand for eco-friendly idols by over 20 percent. People are going eco-friendly is a good start. The trend has already started. Not just idols even the decoration should be eco-friendly. Even if one buys idols that are eco-friendly the ornaments, colours or diamonds used to adorn them can also damage the environment.  While the nirmalya should be converted into fertiliser.”
To book: Click here.
Cost: Rs 2,200 to Rs 4,500

Turmeric Ganesha
veena wataney
eCoexist makes idols from natural clay, multani mitti, geroo, and turmeric. The idols are sun-dried and are not baked. Idols up to 36 inches are available. Veena Wataney of eCoexist who is making idols for the last seven years says they have reduced the production from 80 to 50 idols. “I don’t have a store and operate from home for the eco-friendly cause. They are slightly fragile and needs to be taken proper care of. I have full faith in my customers so I never accept advance payments,” says Veena. Apart from idols, the store provides a wide range of eco-friendly accessories like supari plates.
To book: Click here or call on 9561008225
Cost: Rs 525 to Rs 3,200

Paper Mache Ganesha
sandeep gajkosh
Sandeep Gajakosh makes paper mache idols. The idols are made using crushed paper and are available up to 15 inches. It takes just 30 minutes for the idol to dissolve completely in water. Prathamesh Eco-Friendly Sanstha has four centres in Mumbai – Andheri, Dadar, Sea Wood and Kurla. One can even ask them for home delivery.
To book: Call on 9892174244

Clay Ganesha
Eco Shree Ganesha is the brainchild of Sunil Vastre who is making eco-friendly idols for the last 15 years. The idols are available in all sizes starting from 11 inches to 15 feet. “We make idols from paper mache, clay, natural colours and natural gum that are made from trees. The idols created by us are not fragile and lightweight and hence can be picked by someone who is three years old. The idols can be immersed at home,” says Vastre. Not just India, Eco Shree Ganesha supplies idols in England and New Zealand. Eco Shree Ganesha also has Ganesha which has seeds –lady’s finger, cucumber and other – in them.
To book: Click here or call on 9870263556