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Ganesh Chaturthi 2018: 7 eco-friendly ways to celebrate Ganesh festival



Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most awaited festivals. During this 10-day festival, we often overlook the aftermath of the celebration. Festivals today have become highly commercialised and many a time end up polluting water bodies and creating noise pollution due to the use of loudspeakers. This year, during Ganesh Chaturthi, let us make an effort to reduce the burden of the Mother Nature and celebrate the festival in an eco-friendly manner. Buying eco-friendly idol is not the only way to celebrate the festival. If you are ready to go that extra mile you just need to follow these 7 steps:

Natural colors for Rangoli
Use natural biodegradable colours for making Rangoli such as turmeric, henna, mehendi, rice powder and gulaal. Using natural colours does not possess any harm to nature.

Refrain from Noise Pollution
Not just Ganesh Chaturthi, during any festival, avoid playing loud music as loudspeakers can trouble senior citizens and animals. Citizens should abide by the rules that say speakers and loudspeakers should be played between 6 am and 10 pm. When it comes to burning firecrackers, one should be cautious as it affects newborn babies, senior citizens, and animals.

Fertiliser from nirmalya
Nirmalya, the flower waste, is generally thrown into water bodies which hamper marine life. If the floral waste is collected and are made good use of then it can be converted into fertiliser. After the festive season is over, collect all flowers, garlands, leaves and other bio-degradable waste and put it in a compost pit. Flowers, when dried, can also be used natural colours for rangoli.

Artificial immersion tank
Immersing Ganesha idols into water bodies causes serious health hazards to water bodies. In order to reduce the damage, one can use artificial tanks installed by civic bodies.

Minimalistic decoration
Go for decoration using recycled paper, flowers or things that can be reused like a dupatta or a saree. Also, for colours, you can go with turmeric, gulaal or henna.

Clean-up the trash you leave behind
Festivals are fun but make sure you clean all the trash you leave behind. Even with a lot of preparation and planning one cannot go complete eco-friendly, all we can do is at least try to damage the environment less.

Awareness on Green Ganesh
Every citizen should understand the concept of an eco-friendly celebration. In order to promote Green Ganesha awareness drives and workshops should be conducted. Societies can also organise competitions for the same.