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Friendship Day 2017: Significance, history and all you need to know


It’s the time of the year again when we celebrate the best thing happened to us – Friendship. The day holds a special place in our life. It is the day when as a token of friendship we tie a band around the wrist of our friends and exchange gifts. It is the day when we all reminisce the madness we had with our crazy friends. The companion we had in our happiness as well as sadness. They are the one who loves you unconditionally. For those whom we cannot meet owing to geographical reasons we at least make it a point to text them. But have you ever wondered why do we celebrate the day? Read on to know.

The day to celebrate friendship originated in 1930 by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards. People celebrated the day by sharing greeting cards but soon people realised it was a marketing strategy to increase consumerism. In the 1940s the concept eventually died. The idea of International Friendship Day was proposed on July 20, 1958, Ramon Artemio Bracho, founder of Cruzada Mundial de la Amistad, during a dinner party in Paraguay. It was the day when the World Friendship Crusade was born. The foundation supports friendship among all the human beings regardless of religion and race. Since then July 30 is celebrated as Friendship Day in Paraguay and several other countries.

When is Friendship Day celebrated?
Friendship Day is celebrated on different days in different countries. On April 27, 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations announced July 30 as the International Friendship Day. However, in several countries like India and the United States the day first Sunday of August is marked as the Friendship Day. While in countries like Oberlin and Ohio, the day is celebrated on April 8. In Brazil and Argentina Friendship Day is celebrated on July 20. In 2017, Friendship Day falls on August 6.

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Friendship ambassador
In 1998, Nane Annan, the wife of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, announced Winnie the Pooh as the global ambassador of friendship in an event co-sponsored by the U.N. Department of Public Information and Disney Enterprises at the United States.