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Father’s Day 2017: Give your dad a surprise personalised treat


Many say it is just a day out of the 365 others, but to most it is still a special day to show appreciation of your first superhero. Preeja Aravind lists some ways to take your father for a personalised treat without him knowing it.

You might not have forgotten Father’s Day but you have been too swamped at work to try to buy something for your dad. Now, considering it is your dad, who might not even realise it is his special day, you still have a chance to surprise him with a gift: you just have to be sneaky about it.

So, first things first. You realise that it has to be something that can be useful, doesn’t really seem like a gift, and should not be something ‘too costly’… Like the antique pocket watch you had lovingly presented him a few years ago, but got relegated to the dark recesses of his bank locker, along with the rest of the ‘special occasion’ items.

What needs to be done now is to make a list of items that he would use on a regular basis—parents, they are so strict about ‘practicality’. It would be better if it is part of bigger matching set. Taking your father to a shopping spree for him might get you a stern look and a sterner ‘no’, which is where the sneakiness comes into picture.

Tommy Hilfiger jacket

‘It’s For a Senior Colleague, Dad’
In this case, lying is not just good, it is a necessity. Your dad might not want to come out on a customised shopping spree with you: it’s a Sunday and his favourite time to laze around with a newspaper and a chai or a coffee. You have to find the right combination of desperation and urgency to get him to come with you. Make him believe it is for someone else, who looks a lot like your dad.
If you are trying to gift your father a new wardrobe, you could take him to a Marks & Spencer, a Tommy Hilfiger outlet or an Adorn His store—they have some superb collections of clothing and apparel. M&S and Tommy Hilfiger have a range of formal, and casual, shirts and trousers;  scarves; ties; blazers; belts; and footwear, while Adorn His has a great collection of kurtas, sherwanis, Nehru jackets and blazers.

Make him try some of these items on. Insist you have a pool of funds; all he has to do is try some of things for fit so that you, and the fund providers, could get an idea on a good fit for the imaginary colleague.

You Think XYZ Uncle Will Like This?
If your father doesn’t want any clothing or footwear, or gives you his patented ‘I am your dad don’t mess with me’ look, change your tack. Ask him if some relative or his friend that he is fond of would appreciate a gift from him. Or, perhaps he would want to make up for some fight with someone. Make him say yes, and take him to an electronics store.

Gift him a new Panasonic electric shaver or trimmer, tablet or phone. You could also buy him a digital camera and tell him he could give it to his brother, or yours, after he ‘breaks it in’. The trick is to make him think the gift is for someone else who thinks like him, behaves like him and perhaps even looks up to him. This is the sneak attack part—dads are notorious about not letting anyone buy things for them.

This Will Keep Track Of Your Health!
Your father, like most of the fathers, might be a believer that a nice HMT or a Titan watch is enough to be a corporate man. He doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, that there are some really good fitness wearables out there that are as much style statement as a lifestyle requirement. You could tell him that the gadget might be something to look at in the future — to document his vitals and track his health. If he remotely shows interest, you could always double back to the shop and make a quick buy.

Smartwear is an area that you could actively look at for your father. Some top brands such as Adidas and Ralph Lauren already have developed smart wear to customise and optimize workout routines, all you have to do is sell his health as an idea to your dad and make him choose it for ‘a healthy future’. After all, fathers do care a lot about the future.

Dad, This Is a Great Anniversary Gift!
If you are running out of options to get something for your dad, drag him to the jewellery section or the jewellery store. Yes, jewellery for your father. There are some brilliant cufflink designs that are being brought about by several popular brands — M&S, Tommy Hilfiger and Adorn His — but the thing that might get you a brownie point for thinking ahead is that it would make your mother happy.

Tell him he could buy white gold diamond cufflinks, from Forevermark, to match your mom’s diamond set and then he can surprise her with his thoughtfulness on their anniversary. You could probably tell him that you would not buy anything for their anniversary and insist on paying for the cufflinks.