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Eid al-Adha 2018: Getting up early to smell of goats, 7 things I don’t like about Bakra Eid


bakri eid

Bakra Eid aka Eid al-Adha is just a few days away and Muslims all over the globe will be sacrificing tons of goats, sheep, and other animals which are permissible in Islam for sacrifice on the day of Eid. Delicacies will be cooked from the fresh meat of the animal which will be sacrificed, and it will be the day of feast for Muslims.

When I was a kid I used to enjoy the festival to the fullest. I used to take my goats for a round after coming from school, I used to feed them with my own hands and I used to give them a name. But all these things stopped as I grew up. And today I don’t like these things, so here is the list of things I don’t like about Bakra Eid.

Getting up early in morning

The excitement level is at the peak one day before Eid. And this leads to sleeping late in the night. After two or three hours of sleep my parents push me from bed and tell me to take bath and get ready for namaaz and the effect it has on the entire day is very tiring and I feel lethargic.

The questions

What are we sacrificing this Eid, goat or sheep? What is your budget? Only few days left where is your animal?

Finding a butcher

The man who celebrates Eid to the fullest is butcher because he earns tons of cash in these three days of celebration. And to find a butcher on Eid is like finding a needle in a haystack. The pre-booking of a butcher starts before you buy your goat. And if you have one goat to slaughter, than you have to starve for the entire day because your goat or animal will be slaughtered in evening.

Distributing meat

Eid is a festival which is celebrated with family and friends. It takes an entire day to sacrifice a goat, and as the procedure gets completed I am totally drained out. But the main work starts after the animal is sacrificed. Packets of meats are made and I am told to distribute it to my family members and friends.

Bakra Eid in rain

Since last couple of years, Bakra Eid has been celebrated during the time of monsoon, and it becomes very messy. It gets very hectic during the time of rain when your animal is getting sacrificed, my clothes get dirty and bloodstains are all over my white Kurta.

The smell

The smell of goats, blood and freshly slaughtered meat. It’s everywhere.

Giving time to relatives

In these 72 hours your family members come and visits you, and most of the time you don’t recognize them and never met them before. But you have to sacrifice your precious time and sit with them with a fake smile. And your friends are waiting for you outside.