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Eclectically vintage


A walk through the historical memory lane and you witness something subtle yet classy and exquisite when we talk about enigmatic designs. Talk about the Victorian era or the glorious period of the Mughal dynasty to the Britishers, what commonly links these three eras are their perceptions about designing. Each had its unique taste which they gifted to their descendants for them to make these designs more popular. A short visit to places signifying the true vintage sculpting and one would be left awestruck by witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of the vintage art. Once you have seen this we long to make this vintage art a part of our lives by designing our cosy condo into something more aesthetic.

They say a home is where the heart is and the heart pumps up some kosher love spirit when it is spruced up in its finest shape. We all cherish the desire of building a dream home which would make our heart and soul feel cosy and hence vintage home décor are the current trendsetters. The concept of vintage home décor can be defined as something that is antique yet classy, which can be reused as a piece of art to decorate your home.

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Even if you travel across the globe, witness every nook and corner still it is only the warmth of your cosy nest which gives you mental peace feels Balasaheb Patil. A short and quick trip around the house and you are left awestruck looking at the exquisite vintage décor chosen with utmost care and which weaved a story of the journey of this family.

Balasaheb Patil is a renowned figure in the field of construction and interior designing. Sharing his love for vintage craftsmanship he said, “I always dreamt of building a cushy yet statuesque home for me and my family. So when I decided to construct one I was magnetized by vintage art and desired to build my house on the same lines. History has always interested me and I feel vintage is what brings history to life. My family too was in support of my idea about opting for a combination of vintage architecture with a touché of modern art while designing our dream pad.”

Giving insights on his vintage décor ideas he said, “Initially we went through numerous books whose primary concentration was vintage art and as well spoke with architects who have gained expertise at this form of décor. We short listed a few designs which provided a vintage look to the house. Rather than opting for tiled walls we opted for wooden textured wallpapers. We also looked into making exquisite bamboo furniture to add a vintage touch.”

An unadulterated blend of modern art with some classy décor can make your house look more sophisticated. All that you need to keep in mind is to create a juxtaposition of styles and a pair of imaginative eyes. Whether that be a low laid dinner table or a chic and sassy looking coffee table, one must gain mastery at being accurately calculative at placing the things feels Vikramsinh Mulik.

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Sharing his story of vintage décor he said, “I am a keen lover of any form of art and I read a lot about the day today trends in this field. A home is a place where you can feel your mind at peace and a natural smile on your face. So in order to make my snugly burrow a little more resplendent I opted for vintage art. I primarily concentrated on festooning the house with vintage objects like a vintage phone, a cane lamp, vintage dolls and so on.”

He further stated that, “I am fascinated by the concept of DIY art and hence also tried my hand at creating a few art pieces myself. Along with this, I kept in mind that all these objects would need to be highlighted in soft light as only then they would get the typical vintage look. Also, since I am fond of movies from the golden era, I gathered posters of famous golden era movies and had them framed in wooden frames. Vintage décor is a go to option in today’s world.”

Vintage home décor has gained stupendous vogue, thanks to magazines, vintage home blogs and also the social media. It is just with a click of a button that one can explore the world of vintage home décor while sitting in their cosy homes sipping on some hot coffee feels Nandini Inamdar an architect by profession and a home décor consultant by passion. Sharing her client experiences she said, “A gratifying and sublime home décor is what makes a home complete. Designing a house keeping in mind the vision of the client is indeed a vigorous task. Especially when it comes to vintage home décor, clients come with all kinds of ideas and try and force them under the banner of vintage art.”

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She further stated, “There is a humongous difference between modern art and vintage art. Modern home décor is all about flashy lights, neon bulbs, Turkish carpets, modern paintings and so on. However, vintage art descends more towards the concept of old is gold. One can make use of lace and ruffles in the category of vintage décor. While providing a presentation to the client we create slides which explain the thorough difference between the two and then we move ahead with actual designing. These days I get approximately seven to eight clients who want give a typical vintage look to their homes. It is all about rebuilding a platter of Victorian era and giving it a Lilliputian shimmer of modern art.”

The proverb “Old is Gold” goes rightly with what has now become the lifestyle of people. Right from clothes to accessories to clothes to home décor, this elegant art of décor is leaving no stone unturned to make its presence feel in the world of home décor. We all envisage a dream about entering our home after a strenuous day at work only to be pleasantly welcomed by some opera music and the cosy warmth of your house.