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Do you need a living guru


This article, I dedicate to my three gurus who guided me through the three phases of my spiritual path and made me the person I am today. Without them my life would be meaningless. I have experienced not just my human self but my spiritual self and for that I am eternally grateful to them.

The literal meaning of a guru is a teacher or a guide.

A guru helps us navigate through life, answers our questions and teaches us the ways and means of living. However, a spiritual guru does more along with all this. He is an ounce of the Supreme on earth, a representative of the Divinity and he is as close as you can get with God.  A true guru is someone with ‘Gurutattva’ or the guru consciousness. Consciousness is Shakti or Cosmic energy. One is called a true guru when ‘Guruttatva’ enters him in such a way that he can bring about a transformation in you.

Now do we really need a living guru? I have noticed people’s reluctance to follow a living guru. But in my experience having a living guru is as important as having a guru in spirit form. A living guru is of this world and can explain things to you through the ways of this world in its current form. He conveys how we can progress spiritually alongside progressing in our external world. A living guru’s teachings are compatible with the kind of life we lead in that particular era. We need someone to show us the right way, right here! right now!

We are all constantly taking advice from people about the most mundane things, which course to choose, which fund to invest in, which place to go for vacation, how much salt to put in a recipe etc. Don’t you think, since we need guidance for every little thing, we certainly need guidance in our spiritual journey?

Each of my gurus had their own way of helping me understand spiritual lessons. However, many a times I felt guilty from moving from one guru to another. But this hunch was clarified by Shri Dadashriji. He explained to me how all the gurus are one.

They all come from one Source. They all have their purpose to come into our lives and once they fulfil this purpose they want us to move on. Our gurus are the ones that guide us to the next step and to the next teacher. I have personally experienced this.

I always thought that in a lifetime a person has just one guru but in reality, if we have the urge to advance spiritually, we will get our destined gurus as we go along. The number of gurus should never be an issue. One can have as many gurus as it takes. The Hindu deity Dattatreya (holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) is said to have twenty-four gurus in his life time.