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Cycle rally by Indian Army generates awareness about flight safety


Seated (from left) Sub Maj Narain Patil, Lt Col GPS Mahal, Maj Gen Neeraj Verma, Capt Kritarth Kala, Maj Rehman; Standing (from left) Sub Kannan K, Gnr Sudesh, Cfn Shashikant, Sep Mohit, Hav Rameshwar,Nb Sub Santosh

If you have a thing for curiosity and if you want to know what it takes to reach for the skies then Disha Prashant takes you through the flight safety cycle rally of the Aviation Corps of the Indian Army

Gazing through the window…as the clouds pass by…making a secret wish…I wanna reach for the sky…

We all have at some point or other in our life dreamt of flying high in the sky. One of the toughest professions in today’s time is that of an aviator for they ensure to take you on your dream ride with care and safety. From the Siachen mountain ranges to the North Eastern jungles, from Kashmir to Sabarmati, from Mumbai to Kanyakumari, the Indian Army has always been alert to safeguard the nation. From providing education to children in Kashmir to bringing people back to safety in natural calamities, Indian Army has always been there to lend a helping hand to people.

Eagles in the sky

Flying an aircraft is not as simple as it seems because in this case the equation of fun and risk go hand in hand. And hence to generate awareness about this flight safety the Aviation Corps of the Indian Army initiated a cycle rally with an intention to let people understand the importance of safety measures to be taken while flying an aircraft. Being one of the youngest arms the Army Aviation Corps was established on November 1, 1986 with an objective of executing air related operations. The Aviation Corps has always displayed its calibre whether that be deploying its troops in the highest mountain ranges or implementing rescue and relief operations. So when it comes to flying over rough ranges and tackling climate swings, flight safety plays a pivotal role.

Cycle rally

With an intention to promote the concept of flight safety and also to inspire young minds for some adventure flight safety cycle rally was flagged off on last week by Major General Neeraj Verma, Chief of Staff UB area. “It is said in aviation that take offs are optional but landing is mandatory and thus flight safety becomes a bedrock for safe and efficient flying operations be it civil or military. The idea behind organising this rally is to generate awareness among military as well as civil airports for safe flying experience,” says a senior aviator from 39 (I) R and O aviation unit. This expedition will also generate communication with people from varied units and help them understand the concept and importance of flight safety. To add to it, it will also generate interest among young minds about our defence forces and its different arenas.

Maj Gen Neeraj Verma handing over the expedition flag to the team leader Capt Kritarth Kala

The dream team

For a concept to be implemented into reality you need to have a dream team. This dream team comprises of an Officer, a Junior Commissioned Officer and four other ranks who are cycling from Bareilly to Dehradun and back taking along the memorandum torch of flight safety. The man of the hour who is leading the pack feels that with this opportunity people will make it a point to understand flight safety concerns as well as will explore this direction of the defence forces.

Sharing his journey story Capt. Kritarth Kala says, “I feel obliged for being bestowed upon this responsibility of leading this team as it is important for people to know that for a good flying experience whether that be in civil or military it is necessary to understand and follow all flight safety procedures.”

“This initiative will also generate interest among young minds about our defence forces especially the aviation wing of the Indian Army. We are also interacting with students who are a part of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and explaining them the importance and need for flight safety. We are exploring our horizons by communicating with civil airports for them to share their experiences and spread the word about flight safety,” he adds.

If you are an adventurer at heart and wish to reach for the horizon then being a part and parcel of the Indian Armed Forces is your true destination. This adventurous cycling expedition is sure to be of immense help for every individual who holds a dream of becoming an aviator and help them understand the necessity of flight safety.