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Breaking Blocks: Rooms for unmarried couples


An increasing number of websites, apps are making it easier for couples to book themselves into hotels and spend a few solitary hours together. Disha Prashant takes a look at this trend.

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The upsurge of the 21st century brought with it copious metamorphosis with regards to relationships. But even today we find the society speaking in low hushes about unmarried couples spending some solitary time with each other. We still fail to find answers to questions as to why even today where we are excelling in every other aspect, our society still lingers with the taboo of pre-marital sex. The industry that gets invariably pulled into a moral science debate is none other than the hospitality sector. With no laws that bar unmarried couples to spend time together, digital platforms such as Oyo Rooms and Stayuncle are breaking barriers, by making it easier by giving access to ‘couple –friendly’ hotels.

 Sharing the success story of StayUncle Co-founder Shubhneet Kohli said, “We embarked on this venture exactly a year back by providing ten hours stay time to transit travelers. At first we faced criticism on this idea of providing rooms to unmarried couples but we preferred to ignore the critics and break the barriers. Our idea behind this is to promote healthy relationships and some privy time for couples. At first hotels were a little reluctant at giving into this idea however once we explained them the concept the response has been overwhelming. We received positive response from couples who in turn said to have spent some good time with each other.”lead-3

Talking about security measures and moral policing he said, “We got in touch with many people including lawyers to understand the legalities connected to providing rooms to unmarried couples. However no law hinders unmarried couples from booking rooms. We provide bookings to couples in good hotels and ask them to carry proper government identity cards. Every individual has the right to have some personal time and that is exactly what we offer.”

Priya Date has been working in the hospitality business for quite some time and opines that no rule of law can prohibit unmarried couples from booking rooms. “We stay in an independent country and hence we need to augment our ken with regards to this issue. No individual has the right to be judgmental about unmarried couples having some me time. It is important for people to understand to stop intruding into someone’s space of privacy. At a time when we are accepting live-in relationships I feel there is no harm in accepting the fact that even unmarried couples can have fun together.”

Statistics however have revealed that tourist destinations namely Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Mussorie has the highest number of couple-friendly hotels while metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata hardly have any. This exorbitant difference in statistics questions the mentality and ethics of the educated modern class.

When queried bout catechized about this a hotel employee on the condition of anonymity said, “Metropolitan cities are undoubtedly far more advanced however these bookings also involve numerous security measures. We all are aware that these cities are always under the scanner and hence hotel management prefers keeping their hands off the law. There have been instances where hotels have been vacated and employees held to task. Hence probably the number of hotels here are less.”lead-2

With the advent of these initiatives the hospitality industry is striving to make a difference to people’s perspective towards unmarried couples having some moment of togetherness. However the question of safety still lingers in the shadows. They say Rome was not built in a day and this gumption will take its own time in setting a strong foothold in the world.