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Book Lover? These mysterious book boxes are just the thing you need


If your heart beats for books and you’re a sucker for goodies, Disha Prashant can help turn a page in your life as a reader

The one thing that soothes the soul and compels you into taking a humongous plunge into another world is the charismatic aroma of an courant book. Talk about alchemy and books are a bibliophile’s own little paradise. If the aroma of a fresh book gives you some adrenaline rush then these mysterious book boxes are just the thing you need.

We have personally witnessed subscribing to exclusive make up and clothes boxes, so how about you being given a choice to conceive a book box. This is for real and we are talking about chic book box subscriptions which are indeed a dream come true for an ardent reader. Savour on your most cherished books while simultaneously enjoying some adorable bookish goodies, landing right at your doorstep each month. Talk about gifting some unfathomable happiness to a bibliophile and the following individuals are here to bring your fantasy to life.

Out of the box

Talk about being a young entrepreneur and Arushi Goyal is one star to lookout for. Being an edacious bookworm herself, the thought of starting her own business of compiling book boxes was a triggering point in the launch of Claw The Book. “Since I am extremely fond of books I thought of doing something on similar lines by starting my own theme book boxes. After a little research on the internet and social media I started my own page merely as a bookstagram and figured out reader’s book tastes. After which I officially launched my very first Aroma theme which received immense response from readers and has been my most demanded theme till date,” she says.

Finding fine balance between a perfect book and book-related goodies she says, “Book stocks are updated on a weekly basis and I provide books as per the client’s choice. Once the book is finalised it is always a top priority to add funky goodies to the box.”

Dog eared happiness

At a juncture when the world has become a technological slave, finding bookworms is equivalent to finding gem in the depths of the ocean. However, thanks to some incredible book subscriptions, the canonical art of reading is gradually finding its way through the gadget world. Assembling an impeccable book box involves understanding the pulse of the reader feels Papiya Banerjee from Books and Beyond. “As an individual I am fascinated by books and hence have my own little library filled to the brim. Being a bibliophile at heart I had subscribed to numerous book boxes and was always enamoured with the idea of being surprised with an exclusive book box every month. These book boxes prompted me into staring my own range of custom-made book boxes with the latest releases and some quirky goodies, and that is how Books and Beyond came into picture. In December 2016, we launched our very first theme and were elated with people’s response to these exclusive book boxes.”

Giving insights on garnering a book box she says, “Every month we contrive a theme and involve our followers into giving their inputs. The idea behind involving the reader is to understand their taste and offer them the best. We also hold book discussions where we choose a book of reader’s choice and discuss the stories. This anticipation is indeed exhilarating as we are swarmed by hoards of readers giving their exclusive input on the book. The idea is to reach out to maximum number of bookworms as well as ignite curiosity about books among others. In addition to this, we also have some ritzy fandom boxes on popular themes like Harry Potter, GoT and Sherlock Holmes which too are quite in vogue.”

A book box from Claw the Book

Economical and fun

We always come across varied versions of book lovers who have a sui generis way of finding their perfect paperback. While some hunt for their mystery boxes, some prefer to rent it out. What began with a thought of providing books at affordable rates to people Rent And Read has now reached out to a zillion readers worldwide, feels Lalit Nagrani.

“Being brought up in a middle class family I always longed to read my favourite books. The thought of being unable to buy books was a triggering point in the start of Rent and read. Today when people read through our medium it is our biggest appreciation,” he says adding, “People can rent their books and as well earn some money out of it. This project is still in its nascent stages and we need to reach out to more people and explain them this concept of renting books. By far the response has been satisfying as people are able to find their treasured books and read them at ease.”

In a world stuck in the cage of a five inch screen, books are the ultimate escape. Someone has rightly said that a book is an enchanting mystery as you unravel a neoteric secret with the turn of each page. These exclusive book boxes are here to erase the monotony of your life by offering you some serene company. With these ambrosial book boxes by your side you have all the alibis in the world to snuggle up with hot cuppa mocha.