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Banat Kaur Bagga crooning her way into the musical world


Law student Banat Kaur Bagga is crooning her way into the musical world. She shares her passion story with Jescilia Karayamparambil

She maybe a final year law student but even voluminous books couldn’t pin down Banat Kaur Bagga’s love for music. The 22-year-old is already over the moon with her new single.

To the Moon
Bagga decided to finally release her first single ‘Moon’ this year. The lyrics and vocals are by her while it is produced by Coshish’s lead guitarist Shrikant Sreenivasan. The artwork of the single is trippy unlike the song which talks about really feelings. “Three year ago, I wrote this song. I was young at that time and had the melody with me since then,” says Bagga.

But it only saw the light of the day after she met Sreenivasan who encouraged her to release this single. Bagga met Sreenivasan while she was attending a gig of Coshish and it was after two years since they first met that she sent the song to him. “I was not serious back then (to release the song),” she reveals. Adding to her comment, Sreenivasan asserts that she was ‘conscious’ about her music which happens with any budding musician but she has grown out of it (post the release of the single). Now, she is confident about releasing one more single and might even unveil an EP (extended play) later.

Musical path
Her musical journey started when she was five-year-old, she recalls. Her grandmother introduced her to harmonium and encouraged her to sing kirtan at Gurudwara. Post this she came face-to-face with rock music which shaped her music choices. This decision did not go well with her family, as she swayed from Punjabi folk music to English tracks. “Now, I am balancing between genres and my family seems happy, maybe not completely happy,” she explains. “They were worried that I was drifting away from our culture.” She does not deny enjoying Punjabi folk and Sufi music, which played a pivotal role in her musical journey. “My sister stands by me even when I have not made the wisest decision. She continues to be my stern supporter,” she adds.

Untrained force
Till date, this musician-singer has not taken any vocal training but aspires to start some form of training soon. Nevertheless, Bagga can mesmerise her audience during her live performance, Sreenivasan adds. “I am a different person on stage and many of my friends who attend my gigs, have said that to me,” Bagga chirps proudly. She further goes on to say, “I never thought I will have a career in music but now, I have it. The idea of having a career in music has not really sunk in.” Talking about her style of writing music, she says, “I compose music by vocals then I go to the instrument.” She has written many songs, she reveals, but they are not complete.

The rock star on stage
During her gigs, she does cover a few of her favourite artistes. Interestingly, the songs she sings are not usually the popular tracks, she added. “But I always get reaction from the audience.” Usually her performances are solo. Explaining the reason for the same, she says, “My experience in a college band was not very good. So, I always wanted to pursue a solo career. But now, I am meeting a lot of people with whom my frequencies match. I am looking forward for collaborations with other artistes.” However, she does not have a bucket list when it comes to artist collaborations, says the fan girl of Coshish. With all her focus on music, she barely has time for college and she also believes that it is going to continue this way. “I might not even end up pursuing law,” she