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A homemaker’s role: Best employee of thankless job


We take her for granted, but she’s indispensable in our lives. Disha Prashant dives into the everyday monotonous life of a homemaker only to realise how ignorant we’re of that strenuous job

 Someone has rightly said that being born as a woman comes with an additional albatross of adorning different masks in different phases of life. To begin with, a small adorable baby to a multi faceted homemaker, every woman faces numerous challenges while donning new hats in various walks of life. Out of all these the most pivotal role a woman plays is that of a homemaker.

And the definition is
Google too has a perfect definition for the homemaker which goes like this: Married woman whose primary occupation is to take care of the family, manage household affairs and cater to daily chores. Being a homemaker ain’t an easy job as one has to strike an impeccable symmetry between supervising house activities as well as negotiate some time for your own self. However, even today the job of a homemaker is taken for granted.

The arrows of monotonous queries which haunt a homemaker are the most agonising part of her life, feels Aashna Singh. “Being a homemaker is not really something to be ashamed of but the constant questions from the society saying, ‘you are doing nothing, plan a family, or pick up something to keep yourself occupied’ makes you feel bad for being one,” says Singh who herself is a housewife. It is important for people to understand that it is the homemaker who is the most resilient pillar of the family. “It is high time for our society to know the exact meaning of the term homemaker and duly respect the sacrifice we do just to make the house a home for them.”

What an irony
It’s an irony that working women too look down upon housewives, feels Bhuvana Krishnamoorthi. “Family seems to understand our efforts. However, what is surprising is working women underestimate the value of a homemaker. Today many women hold professional degree, but due to personal circumstances, they have to quit their jobs. The working women look down upon the homemaker. One also needs to understand that the previous generation was full of working women, but today many women choose to be a career-oriented or a homemaker. Today’s housewives are well-read and have taken the option to pursue their hobbies and later it paves the way to become an entrepreneur.”

The ace multi-tasker
Being a homemaker involves handling a zillion tasks within a stipulated time with impeccable perfection while keeping a cool head. Psychology has time and again proven that homemakers are the ones who undergo numerous stress as they have to administer the daily chores along with looking after the kids and so on. Psychologist Chandan Rathore explains, “Being a homemaker is a tough job as you channelise your brain and body into doing numerous tasks at the same time. The task of a homemaker is considered a child’s play but one has to get into her boots to understand the challenges she faces on a daily basis. We are approached by a lot of women who undergo stress reliving therapies to cope up with the stress which they face at home.”

A true shock absorber
Cricketer-turned-actor Salil Ankola’s wife Ria has managed to strike a thorough balance between her career and being a homemaker. “As a doctor I have worked with organisations worldwide and as a homemaker I manage a small world within this home. Certain stages in life demand certain things and we have to channelise ourselves accordingly. For once I am a doctor and for once I am a homemaker. Being an actor’s wife comes with the additional responsibility of sailing through the highs and lows. A celebrity has to face numerous problems and in our case I am the shock absorber.” Sharing her take on women looking down upon women she says, “There is no need to look down upon a homemaker. A homemaker’s job is equally tedious and it is all about choosing the right priority at the right time. I enjoy every bit of being a homemaker and I love handling the daily challenges of taking care of the kids, looking after the dog, cooking scrumptious food as well as acting as a bridge between the kids and the father.”