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A headphone party: How this silent noise movement is taking over nightclubs


Groove-in to the changing tunes of ‘silent noise’  to relieve your stress with an eclectic mix of EDMs’ and choosing  music genre, channelled through a wireless headphones rather than playing out loud on amplifiers, says Tapapriya Lahiri

Do you love to groove, in your own genre of music? Then hit the dance floor and wash your blues away with a surreal magic of silent disco to experience the unique format of clubbing. This brilliant concept revitalises your senses to the core. An assorted genre of electronic dance music (EDM) is readily picking up the rhythm among the party revellers in India, where music is pumped through wireless headphones via Bluetooth. To bring customisation effects—nightclubs of the Indian metropolis are equally poised to arrange—headphone parties all night without giving a hint of exhaustion.

 In India, after Goa being the torch bearer of the silent gigs, nightclubs of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata are also creating a silent noise with élan. The theme of silent gigs was introduced by Silent Noise—The Club in Palolem beach, Goa to cut the clamour of high sound effects on the beach parties and reduce sound pollution. The Club borrowed the concept of headphone party from the European Union (EU), and relatively it is becoming one of the emerging trends in India.

The nightclubs can house three DJs at a time to woo you and your partner’s interest—and all the party enthusiasts can get into the rhythm of a headphone party at the same destination—a distinctive way of enjoying live EDM. Though the sizeable part of the gigs in sundry nightclubs still orchestrates EDMs with loud sounds on amplifiers, some handpicked nightclubs and DJs are welcoming the concept with open arms.W_mar19_32nd lead 2

Diverse DJs and assorted genres
As silent disco is drawing fair amount of inquisitiveness into the party circles, resident DJs of nightclubs and even independent ones are mixing it right with diversity on their consoles to pep up the bash. On this note, DJ Anshul of Gold, JW Marriott Kolkata, shares his candid insights, “Clubbing with a silent noise is a brilliant concept; it helps to relax your taxing senses to a great extent. I don’t want the party revellers to go elbow-to-elbow while grooving, and similarly space recreates the mood. It also has a fun factor, when I see people are dancing to their owns rhythms as they are listening to three different genres at the same time.”

DJ A Sen seems very enthusiastic while talking on silent gigs. He shares, “Headphone parties are creating a niche these days. But, very few nightclubs arrange this kind of conceptual gigs. While spinning in a silent disco, I found young people are more into this craze.” He also adds, “Since low frequencies are felt and not heard, none of the silent party attendants would feel the bass nor hear major part of it.  As a DJ, I would prefer to hear the crowd screaming, shouting and responding to me along with the music than solely hearing the music that I am playing on my headphones.”

Nest of Nightclubs
Taking the urbane crowd into account, the newest party destinations are bringing the trend on the floor. Nightclubs in Kolkata and Mumbai are immersing guests in a contemporary atmosphere, to enjoy in silent clubbing set-up. Ganesh Chavan, of Mumbai’s Vaktra, says, “This inimitable music format is celebrated immensely, as it brings three different genres at a same time and at the same destination. After partying on high booming volumes people are very eager to shift the trend towards silent disco, continuing the party effortlessly, without tiring their nerves.”

Recently, a swanky fusion resto Bar, Pour House in Kolkata first time organised one-of-its-kind music format where three DJ’s were duelled for attention and party goers made the selection of music they want to hear only through wireless headphones. The three options for music, Bollywood, Commercial and Trance made the crowd go crazy with a dash of vibe. On this note, Vedant Chowdhary, the brain behind the resto-bar, says, “Evolving party scene in Kolkata encouraged me to arrange a silent gig and the rocking musical evening witnessed a huge footfall.”

DJ Anshul adds, “In a newly opened nightclub, party aficionados will enjoy acoustically optimised sound which is best for silent gigs and for loud music, too. With groovy genres ranging from Rock & Pop, latest chartbusters and eclectic mix of commercial beats, I would prefer to switch to silent gigs during the early hours in weekdays and late hours in weekends.”

Party Aficionado’s Talks
Party revellers are equally responsive when asked how they enjoy the exclusive genre of clubbing. Couple Kushal Basotia and Swarna Jalan say, “We loved the entire concept of the silent disco event and in future, we would again search for such destinations hosting headphone parties.” The party duo also added, “Another factor that plays a very imperative role in silent gigs is it helps to socialise in the nightclub while tapping to the groovy tunes.”