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7 prominent Indian politicians who died a tragic death in the 21st Century



India has lost several prominent political leaders in accidents, assassinations and murders. Be it the recent loss of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha or the assassination of Indira Gandhi in early 1980s. While there were some like Pramod Mahajan who was murdered by his younger brother. Here is a list of prominent Indian political leaders who faced an untimely death:


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha died due to cardiac arrest on December 5 in Apollo Hospital in Chennai. Also known as Amma, the actress-turned-politician served five terms as the CM. Such was the charisma of Amma that lakhs of men and women bid her a tearful adieu and thousands of police personnel were deployed outside the hospital.

In September 2016, she fell severely ill and was hospitalized for 75 days and on the fateful day on December 5 fought her battle with death due to cardiac arrest. Questions were raised over her death, illness and treatment. Recently, a leaked e-mail from a senior journalist reveals that Amma was given wrong diabetes medicines before being hospitalised.


Gopinath Munde

Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra and five-time MLA Gopinath Munde died in a tragic road accident in Delhi on June 3, 2014. Munde the newly appointed as Union Minister and was on his way to Delhi airport when an Indica car dashed in to his Maruti SX4, following which he suffered a cardiac arrest. He was immediately rushed to Jai Prakash Narain Apex Trauma Centre at AIIMS but despite of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other efforts he lost his life.


Vilasrao Deshmukh

The former Chief Minister of Maharashtra lost his life on August 14, 2012 due to liver and kidney failure. The Congress leader who was undergoing treatment was shifted to Chennai from Mumbai for his kidney and liver transplantation. But one night before the operation was scheduled, the donor passed away, giving the event a drastic turn.


YS Rajasekhara Reddy

The then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Rajasekhara Reddy was travelling in a helicopter near the Nallamala forest on September 2, 2009. But soon the helicopter lost contact with the Air Traffic Controllers and went missing. A massive search operation was carried out to trace the helicopter, but all went in vain. The next day, the PMO announced the death of the CM and four others on September 3.


Pramod Mahajan

The technocrat leader, Pramod Mahajan met with a tragic end when his younger brother Pravin Mahajan shot him on April 22, 2006. The bullets wounded his liver and pancreas and after being hospitalized for about 13 days lost his life due to cardiac arrest on May 3, 2006. The reason for the murder is still a mystery.

Madhavarao Scindia

Senior Congress leader and a dynamic face of the Congress party Madhavrao Scindia died in a plane crash on September 30, 2001 in Mainpuri district, Uttar Pradesh while he was travelling to Kanpur. Scindia was accompanied by his secretary, two pilots and three journalists. Due to bad weather and cloudburst, the pilot lost contact with the control room and most likely caused the crash.


Rajesh Pilot

Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Rajesh Pilot died in a road accident on June 11, 2000. He left his job as a pilot in the Indian Air Force to join politics. After his visit to his constituency Pilot was returning to Jaipur when his jeep met with a head-on collision with a Rajasthan state roadways bus. After battling for merely 45 minutes, he lost the battle with his life.