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5 creative ways to celebrate Mother’s Day


mother daughter

Mother. She is the most beautiful soul on Earth. She is someone we can’t imagine our life without. She is the one who is always willing to shoulder our responsibilities. We cannot deny the fact that most of the time we get annoyed by her perspective of the world or the things around us but in the long run, they always made sense. No one in the world can replace her. Words are never enough to express your love to your darling mother. One day is simply not enough to thank her for all the things she has done for us. With International Mother’s Day around the corner, go ahead and make her feel like queen. Do things that make her happy. Pamper her. Send her a bouquet of flowers, cook her delicious meal, book her a spa day or gift her something she has been desiring for a long time. Make her feel special and let her know how important she is in your life. We have compiled a list of five things to do on Mother’s Day. Here we go.

Surprise her with some amazing gifts. Be it booking a spa day or sending her some of the best beauty and wellness products. Let your creativity, thoughtfulness, and love show some magic. It might be too late for a personalised gift but that doesn’t mean your gifts cannot be personal. From quirky travel accessories to movie tickets to skin or body care products, there is no dearth of options. Don’t forget to send her a thank you note for always being with you.

Cook her favourite dish
Your mother has been cooking for you for all her life. On Mother’s Day let her take a break from the kitchen and enjoy the day. To make it interesting cook her favourite dish. Do all the preparations in advance and surprise her with your culinary skills.

Enrol for a workshop
mug painting
If your mum has always been wanting to enrol for a cooking masterclass or a painting class. Let her celebrate the special day as an opportunity to learn something new. There are several workshops where you can enrol together and spend the day together making ceramic rings, creating your own perfume or learning to blend essential oils.

Pamper herself
Book a spa session for the superwoman in your life. Whether she is a spa novice or a spa savvy, there’s no better way to say how much you love her. Plan her a perfect spa day; be it a manicure-pedicure session or a massage session or a haircut and colour – best way choose all three – don’t lose a chance to pamper her and let her gave a relaxing day.

A break from ‘mom routine’
mother daughter
A mother is never off duty. Let your mom have a break from her daily routine and enjoy to the fullest. For a day you take the responsibility and do all the things she does be it cooking, cleaning, shopping or whatever else.

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