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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress Karishma Sharma opens up about being harassed and eve teased while vacationing in Dharamshala


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor Karishma Sharma who was last seen in ALT Balaji’s Hum – I’m Because Of Us has revealed that she has faced horrifying incident when she was on a vacation in Dharamshala. In an interview with online portal, the actress talked about the incident when she was followed and eve teased by a group of men who just refused to leave her alone.

Due to these instances, Karishma had to cut short her trip and return to Mumbai.

Karishma shared the whole incident with Bollywood Life and said, “I wanted a quick break and decided to go to Dharamshala. With lush greenery and lots of lakes, it was exactly the kind of place where I wanted to be. One day, I went to a beautiful temple with my friend, and we clicked a few photographs there. However, the minute I turned around, I saw around 15 men standing behind us; they were checking us out in a weird manner; literally staring at my t*ts. I was too scared to say anything to them, and walked out of there. I bumped into a cop on my way down and told him that some guys were eve-teasing me. ‘He just smiled at me and said, Arre kaun chhed raha hai? Koi nahi hai.’ I was taken aback with his response”.

Though, she felt that it was a bad day for her, but things started to get worse the actor faced the same thing over and over again. Then she realised that she needs to leave this place immediately, “I brushed it off as a bad experience and went street shopping. A little later, my friend and I realised that we were being followed by a group of men. When we took a U-turn, they did the same. Too scared, we entered a shop where I spotted a taser. When I looked out, I saw some of the men holding something that looked like a sharp object. So, I bought the taser for my safety and stepped out. At one point, I even felt that they will abduct me. The men were coming close to us and staring at us. The next day, I went to a monastery, where I actually recorded a few men shooting a video with me in it. Walking on the street was horrible as the men were ogling and singing”, Karishma concluded.


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