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Wow Weekend! Its relaxation and rajma chawal for Ayushmann Khurrana


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Ayushmann Khurrana tells Kinnari Shailendra Singh his weekend is about sleeping off and playing cricket with his kids

What do you like the most about your weekends and what makes you look forward to it?

You can’t ask this question to an actor, as we don’t have any such thing like an off on Sunday! We don’t have Sundays where we can enjoy ourself, all we have is a working Sunday. But whenever I have an off on Sunday I just relax.

How do you like to spend your ideal weekend?

Whenever I get an off I just sleep and do nothing. Like I will become a couch potato and do nothing at all and just  relax. Max to max, I’ll play cricket with my kids in my house as my kids are too small and they can’t go out to play.

Is there any hobby or sport you catch up on during your weekends?

Yes, definitely. Cricket is something which I enjoy playing. Like at YashRaj, we have a team — there’s a direction team and there’s a production team. Every Thursday we used to have proper matches in a stadium in Malad. We are not playing right now because of the monsoon, but we will start playing again soon.

How often do you go for short getaways?

There’s one big holiday every year; like a big international holiday with my family. Every summer, an international holiday is a must. Then during the Diwali and Christmas holidays, we visit Chandigarh.

Any memories of your most memorable weekends?

I think we once went to Machan which is in Lonavala. It was a lovely weekend as it was raining and Lonavala was the perfect gateway.

What kind of food and drink do you treat yourself to on the weekend?

I don’t drink. I don’t even have tea or coffee. I am a complete teetotaller. I only have tea or coffee when I am really tired like while giving interviews or promotions. I have also stopped taking protein shakes. I just drink coconut water. Oh yes, one thing which I can have everywhere and every day is home-made Rajma Chawal, I just love it.

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