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World Suicide Prevention Day 2018: Indian celebs open up on ‘killer instinct’


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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day! In wake of rising suicides, the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and decided to observe September 10 as World Suicide Prevention Day. Mental disturbances like depression, anxiety, fear, nervousness, defeat, lack of confidences are some of the reasons why people commit suicide.

So, on the occasion of the World Suicide Prevention Day, let’s take a look at what Indian celebrities have to say about this issue.

Sahil Khattar

There is one question why do people commit suicide. Yes, there’s a problem because most of them are depressed. I think the right way to deal with depression is not sympathy but empathy. It’s all about filling the right shoes in the right way. The idea behind making them feel comfortable and that it’s okay to feel depressed, but life will move on, and you have to come out of this. While we all feel down and out sometimes, depression is a mental illness where you feel down and out at a slower pace for a longer time. It’s like quicksand. So when people are in quicksand, there’s a strategy to get out. And that strategy will be told by a psychiatrist or a dear friend. So for someone who questions themselves if they should take their own life, the answer is whether their family or friends show them enough empathy or not. If you don’t get the empathy, I think to shrink is probably the best decision. I think if both of these things work simultaneously, depression will be taken care of. So it’s never a good idea to take your own life. Because after you, there’s going to be about 30,000 people who’d maybe have thoughts about the same subconsciously and react in the same way! And imagine what will happen to your family and friends!

Shreyas Pardiwalla

Mental health and depression should not be taken lightly. India and especially our film and TV industry need to understand the importance of these issues. We must support one another and help in the free flow of communication. As, I personally feel, because one finds it difficult to communicate their innermost feelings and feel judged to express, they undergo depression and feel suffocated by life. Suicide is a serious issue which needs special attention and we must not take it lightly. There is no harm in seeing a psychologist or visiting a doctor for mental advice. People must stop feeling ashamed to say that they need help. Also, individuals need to sensitise themselves and pay attention to their peers – and immediately notice and come to aid if and when help is required. Only we can support each other. So I beseech one and all to make an effort and assist your friends and family members who need help or show suicidal tendencies.

Divya Sharmaa

The biggest truth that we have to accept is that suicide is not about just the person committing it but rather a community problem. A lonely, depressed person most often leaves behind close family and friends who grapple with issues of the fair amount of self-blame where they could have prevented what happened. The situation becomes more of a puzzle when popular/successful figures of the society commit this heinous act. In today’s date depression is short of becoming an epidemic and with suicidal rates going up it’s becoming a huge concern. The need of the hour is creating a strong network of aware citizens who understand and are equipped to deal with individuals they come across in their environment. New age religions like Nichiren Buddhism also target this problem by making people understand the importance of respect of all life (self and others) and in creating communities of people who are all working towards peace and happiness of not only oneself but the world at large.

Malkhan Siingh

I think it’s really sad that some people think that ending their life is the only way to end their suffering. This very fact creates an alarming need to spread more awareness about mental illnesses. Apart from spreading awareness, there’s also a need for compassion among us. No matter how irrelevant or pointless it may seem to you, but smiling at a stranger or even being extra nice to someone without an ulterior motive can bring about a huge positive difference in their day. The sad truth is that you cannot stop anyone from ending their life; they’ll do ‘it’ if they want to, by hook or by crook. And the only way to maybe make them want to hang on is to show them the way of love and compassion. No amount of advice or ‘great sayings’ will help them. Love is the answer. Love is the way! The only way!

Garima Jain

A lot of people have been committing suicide lately and I think the number one reason is social media! Although social media is useful, it has its cons as well. Celebrities post beautiful pictures of them vacationing with their oh-so-perfect better halves and their amazing, luxurious life, there’s a portrayal of the perfect life. Which isn’t true. This gets many people thinking that they’re maybe not doing any good in their life. I think all this may somewhere lead to depression which eventually leads to committing suicide. I’ve noticed a lot of younger children committing suicide lately. I think that’s happening because of high expectations and pressure from their parents. Parents should understand that grades aren’t everything. The love should be unconditional. I’ve known a few people who faced sexual abuse in their childhood. And these people weren’t even comfortable sharing these things with their parents. I think there should be a good bond between parents and children, with complete transparency. I know a person who decided to end her life because of the very same reason, and I have no one to blame but her parents. I feel like if she was raised with love and was offered a zone of comfort to share anything with her parents, she’d be here with us today. Also, one should never take themselves too seriously. I’ve seen Deepika Padukone’s interview and know the fact that she was depressed. And I really admire her for coming out and speaking up and helping so many people. She’s amazing. Also, one shouldn’t be comparing themselves to others and be content with who they are. I think God has gifted us all with unique talents. We’re all unique and beautiful in our own way. And we should embrace that. And if we have any bad qualities, we should work on them, instead of resorting to self-loathing or comparing ourselves to others.

Priya Banerjee

Suicide is never the answer! It’s an easy way out from all the problems leaving all the loved ones heartbroken for life. I wish there was way more awareness about mental illnesses as it is definitely one of the number one. Factor leading to suicide. Depression, anxiety and so many things are a part of this. This all starts at our homes. We should pay more attention to kids and their surroundings and behaviour and always speak to them and make sure they are well aware of all this. It’s in our hands as a society to bring this to an end and educate and make people aware.

Shefali Zariwala

Raising awareness of mental health is all well and good, but it doesn’t solve the problem.  Many people are “aware” that smoking cigarettes is not good for health, or that their elected leaders are corrupt, or that their car is harming the environment, but do little or nothing about these things. Essentially, mental health awareness is fine, but action is what’s actually needed. Awareness is great for prompting those with issues to seek help, but effectively meaningless if there’s no help available. Raising awareness is just the start of the process. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. And that’s something we should all be aware of. We need more help available.

Flora Saini

I think life is a one-time offer far too precious. There is no problem too big or mountain too high that you can’t handle it. We are all stronger than we know and how you stand in times of heartbreaks n setbacks defines our strength. The ups won’t make you feel happy if you never experienced lows and my new movie “Pari hoon Main” deals with this issue how not just actors or adults but also children nowadays are stressed, suffering from mental illnesses and how the change in behaviour is an indicator of that and how Love above all, of friends and family is the cure for every problem. Instead of making your problems big, make your support circle strong and big heart.