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Womens Day 2017: Women who shaped our lives…


Here’s what television celebrities have to say about that special woman in their lives

Ask anyone and they will say that every day is Women’s Day, but today we celebrate not a woman but her strength, her weaknesses and her resilience. There’s always this one woman in our lives who’s inspired us to be what we’re. We ask our famous television celebrities to share their inspirations with us.

Amal Sehrawat

It’s difficult to name any one. I guess women can teach and inspire you at every point of life, they are better at multi-tasking, they take care of the family and if they are working then manage the office work too. Women are stronger than men (they carry a child for nine months in their womb), they have a lot of patience. It is rightly said, ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’.

Salil Ankola c glam anchor Salil-march 7
My life started with my mother; she is the one who has given me all the discipline, ethics manners and all that was necessary to become a good human being. She always said that I can become anything in life, achieve any heights but if I was not a good human then nothing is worth it. She is the reason I became a fitness freak and a sportsman and she is the one who inspired me on how life is to be lived. I am because of her. I love respect and adore her tremendously.

Aanushka Ramesh c glam anchor Aanushka-march 7
The one lady who has inspired me a lot is Oprah Winfrey. She is one of the most successful self made women in the world. I have adored her since my childhood. I was blown away after I came to know of her story, her struggles, how she overcame them and the amazing way in which she now contributes and gives back to society. She’s my role model because I believe that it’s not just about achieving your dreams, giving back to the world also matters. At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have, but what you become that truly counts.

Ramman Handa  c glam anchor Ramman-march 7
One leading lady who has inspired me the most is my grandmother. Her name is Bhagwan Devi Handa. She was not educated but the way she could knit her family and managed social criticism and still fought against all odds is commendable. She is not with us anymore but she is still alive in my heart and I feel proud when I think about her. And yes it’s only because of her I face every odd situation with so much of courage.

Ridheema Tiwari c glam anchor Ridheema-march 7
Helen Adams Keller is the most inspirational for me.She was an American author, political activist and lecturer. She was the first blind-deaf person to earn Bachelor of Arts degree. She defied all her disabilities and turned them into strengths. Her story is the most powerful in terms of achievements she made… not letting her weaknesses come in her way.

Abhaas Mehta c glam anchor Abhaas-march 7
 My mother inspires me the most. She has been the pillar of strength in my life. Her dedication and determination towards tasks she takes on has not only inspired me but has made me value the work. She has taught me to always do the best I can and for that I am forever grateful.

Haanssa Singhc glam anchor Haanssa-march 7
Everyday is Women’s Day. I look up to my mom. She is my Iron Lady. She has given me strength to take on life with its battles and smile. She is my pillar of strength and I bow to her. She is Dr. Rama Singh literary genius with a warmth of zillions galaxies.

Shashank Vyasc glam anchor Shashank-march 7
My mother Geeta is my inspiration. She always inspired me to believe in myself and do what my heart says and she taught me never to compromise on my principals. I even have her name tattooed on my neck. She is forever in my prayers.

Ssharad Malhotraac glam anchor Ssharad-march 7
Undoubtedly it’s my mother who has been a constant source of inspiration as she beautifully set an example by skilfully juggling with all her roles of being a mother, a wife, a sister and a friend. She has succeeded in every manner possible.

Arjun Bijlanic glam anchor Arjun-march 7
It’s none other than my mom. She’s is been my support always and she will always be. After my dad passed away there were rough times but she looked after us well. I owe so much to her that one lifetime would not enough repay that love her and respect her.

Divyajyotee Sharma
Mother Teresa is the one lady who inspires me a lot. She gave her entire life to serve the poor. She gave unconditional love and care to the all and dedicated her life to the homeless and destitute. Also, she was the first Indian lady to be awarded a Nobel Prize. She had that strength and perseverance to place herself completely at the service of others.