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Winter wedding for Aashka & Brent 


Actress Aashka Goradia and firangi boyfriend Brent Goble are all set to have a winter wedding at the end of this year and have also zeroed in on the location for their special day. We hear that the couple was contemplating many locations but ultimately zeroed in on Ahmedabad since it happens to be Aashka’s hometown.

“Brent wanted a wedding with all the traditional rituals which of course is most possible in my home town where my parents stay.  Plus, Brent and I decided to stick to Ahmedabad because I have so many memories associated with the city.  I have spent 16 years of my life in Ahmedabad and Gujarat is rich in culture.  I am sure my in-laws will really enjoy the traditional garba, Gujarati delicacies and the hospitality in my home town,” Aashka confirmed.

Speaking about her fiancé Brent Aashka further elaborates, “Having the wedding in Ahmedabad was Brent’s idea as the first Indian wedding he attended was that of my cousin’s in Ahemdabad and ever since he has been keen on us commemorating this special day of our lives in Gujarat.  And yes, he is a big fan of Gujarati cuisine as he loves his aam ras, theplas, and khaman dhokla.”