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Why Ranbir Kapoor just had to party?


So Ranbir Kapoor had yet another raucous party with his Bollywood buds at his sprawling Bandra terrace apartment… To drown his sorrows post the debacle that was ROY? To drown out Daddy’s interminable lecture? To drown his loneliness as the ladylove was out of town? All of the above and then some, if you ask me!

Howdy, pardners; come sit close as your snoopy sistah tells you more about the travails of the industry’s blue eyed boy… Ranbir isn’t having it all that easy, oh no. For one, his choice of intense, off beat, art over commerce films is naturally not setting the box office aflame. What to do, our box office is like that only. And even if Ranbir has no issues with that, it’s hard to feign nonchalance when the world and its granny are breathing hard down your neck, saying ‘I told you so…’

Hard as you try to ignore it, the big bad B.O. does have the final say here. ROY bit the dust. BOMBAY VELVET will sure as hell not whip up the kind of figures a DABANGG or CHENNAI EXPRESS did. No, not even if Fox had agreed – and they didn’t – to fork out bigger bucks to reshoot a hefty portion of the film like dad and industry veteran Rishi Kapoor wanted… And now RK Jr has to deal with Daddy declaring to all and sundry that his boy’s selection of films is atrocious.

“He does not know how to select films,” Rishi has been thundering. “He is playing   a salesman, chor, an ordinary boy – these roles would not make him a big star. Whatever roles I played in my career were lavish, a romantic hero – so far very rarely has he played such roles. When he becomes old, what will he show to his next generation? That he played a salesman and all such roles?!” Ouch!! No wonder the boy just needed to let loose and party hard.