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Why is Randeep Hooda angry?


randeep hooda

He has always known to have a wild anger though there have not really been instances wherein we hear about people getting into a fist fight with Randeep Hooda, but we all know that he has a temper to speak of.

Recently at a press event he told a journalist off for asking if he fears being overshadowed by the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai. And the big mouthed journalist wasn’t the only one to suffer his ire! One of Hooda’s costars was overheard saying he doesn’t appreciate suggestions of any sort especially about his look or his acting, he does only what his director asks of him and nothing more!

“Randeep is a very helpful actor but he is not someone who is extremely open to suggestions, he more often than not knows his mind and likes to do things according to his interpretation of it,” she has quipped. Well, so far his interpretations have worked really well so keep that up, Hooda!