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Who says only actors can talk style in Bollywood?


You have loved his songs, and now hear about his style, singer Benny Dayal who has a very distinctive style shared with us all about the way he likes to get his look together. The singer has been known for his quirky styles when he takes the stage for his shows but not many know that he isn’t waiting for a stylist to put those looks together for him.

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We had to ask him, what makes his heart go boom, “My hats and my shoes are perhaps two things that make me go bonkers. I just go on picking different variants everytime I travel. I guess my lovely wife will disown one day at the rate at which I’m going. Haha. I’m a total freak when it comes to fashion, I own close to a 100 shoes and 150 hats. It has totally been the one thing that makes my heart go boom,” laughed the man with the golden voice.

And we thought it would be his wife or his music… “Of course, they are the most obvious things that bring me happiness. Not many know that I have a baby – the band named S5 which was launched by the channel SS music which I was a part of during my teen years!”