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Who did Radhika drive to Pune for? 


Radhik Apte

Radhika Apte who is currently on a high with BADLAPUR and HUNTERRR along with reaping the appreciation garnered for CHOKHER BALI, is working round the clock. Amidst her busy schedules, why did Radhika make a midnight trip to Pune?

So Radhika’s mother is a leading neurosurgeon in Pune and finds it difficult to visit Radhika in Mumbai. Radhika who is very attached to her mother, planned to surprise her by giving a quick visit to Pune.

Radhika drove late evening and surprised her mother who was teary eyed on seeing her daughter after months. They spent quality time together after which Radhika drove back home to Mumbai to catch up with the next day’s lined up commitments.