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When Sanah made daddy Pankaj & bro Shahid cry 


The lively and vivacious newbie of Bollywood, Sanah Kapoor who is going to debut with father Pankaj Kapoor and brother Shahid in her the upcoming movie Shaandaar, has always mentioned about her care and love towards her family. The Kapoor girl undoubtedly shares a strong equation with her family members, so one would be undoubtedly shocked to hear that this little princess of the house can get tears in the eyes of people whom she loves.

But here comes a twist in the tale! The story unfolds in this way that Sanah, who is portraying the role of Esha, the bride of the magnificent wedding in Shandaar was performing a very emotional sequence for the movie. Dressed up as the gorgeous bride from head- to- toe and enacting the perfect emotions of a bride, this Gulabo girl made his father Pankaj and brother Shahid mesmerized into her future wedding! The father-brother were so convinced with Sanah’s acting that they couldn’t stop themselves from having an emotional tear.

Sharing this emotional moment, Sanah Kapur said, “It was a very heart-warming moment for Dad and Bhaiya, they couldn’t believe that their young little girl has grown up so soon. After the scene got over, both of them came to me and hugged me so hard and I was making them understand that it was just a scene, and there is a long way to go before that becomes a reality!

Well guess Sanah Kapoor surely gave forever ‘shandaar’ moment to the entire Kapoor Khandaan!