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When It’s Kay Kay, it’s convincing…


K K Menon

An actor who stands out in every role he plays. His masterful performance in HAIDER as the cunning Khurram Meer won him a popular Best Supporting Actor award and is the latest testimony to his talent. Maybe it has to do with the first ever role he played in his life – a sunflower in his nursery school play. The ability to attract the sun of attention to himself is what this actor par excellence appears blessed with. But how does he make it so convincing?

“It’s my whole approach to acting. I try and derive everything from within myself. I internalise and identify with the character so that my acting is intense and not the kind of acting, popular today, which is more hamming than acting! If I am playing evil then that evil is there within me… I have to accept it and bring it out, only then will it be a convincing performance!”

Harking back to the ‘sunflower’ days he apparently had to be dragged on to the stage but once there he recalls feeling free and really enjoying himself! It’s this feeling that eventually saw him quit his corporate filmmaking career to purse his passion fulltime. It is a decision he has not regretted. Largely because, as an actor playing several different characters, you have the liberty to explore and bring out the dormant emotions which lie within you.

“That’s why I identify with all my characters; I was the nerdy husband Partho in HONEYMOON TRAVELS. I do identify with my need to kill my brother in SARKAR or the ruthless brigadier in SHAURYA. The boon is that I don’t have to carry the baggage of that character and am applauded for even the most negative emotions!” he twinkles.

His conviction has us applauding him for his intensely real performances in Saeed Mirza’s NASEEM, Sudhir Mishra’s HAZARON KHWAISHEIN AISI, Anurag Kashyap’s BLACK FRIDAY and the latest RAHASYA.

Kay Kay Menon chose to alter his life on the strength of his conviction but life isn’t all so serious even if you are a serious actor and one does want to see him in more roles which are less serious…perhaps like Partho in HONEYMOON TRAVELS. Kay Kay too needs to explore the lighter side of himself as an actor and convince us that he can laugh with the same honesty.