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What’s making Priyanka Chopra more jittery?


Priyanka ChopraPriyanka Chopra attending the ELLE’s 6th Annual Women In Television Dinner in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA on January 20, 2016. Photo by Sara De Boer/Startraks/ABACAPRESS.COM | 531168_018 Los Angeles Etats-Unis United States

If you ever had the good fortune to see Priyanka Chopra at work, you would know what it is like to see someone who is dedication personified. Giving her all to her work still is less by her standards, she might be the only actress you would hear cribbing not about why she has so many pressing issues to cater to but why is it that the day has only 24hours.

However despite giving her all, it seems like there is a bit of uneasiness that’s lurking in her these days. Given Quantico is the most popular series on the network and she is steadily becoming the biggest international star india has seen, the many hours that she is putting in Hollywood between her television series and BAYWATCH, has left her without a Bollywood film this year. There will be no releases coming from her kitty, given her last release was JAI GANGAJAAL, which didn’t fair very well at the box office, her nervousness does have a reason.

“Priyanka might have taken Hollywood by storm and we all back home are applauding her multitasking prowess but the fact is that she has a standing there in Hollywood because of the name she has made for herself in india. She is essentially a Bollywood actress despite all the music videos and Quanticos of the world that she is dabbling in. for someone who was used to having at least 2 – 4 releases a year, will not be seen at all for a year, and the last film didn’t leave a very memorable taste behind is certainly reason to worry. If she is as sensible has she seems, she will rectify it promptly,” suggested our trade analysts. Well, Priyanka what do you have to say to that?