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What’s cooking good lookin?


Every time there’s a new film coming up, the co-stars are bound to get romantically linked even in real life. So we weren’t surprised when reports came suggesting that Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar are the new couple in town.

So the two will be seen together in Rock On 2 for the first time. However, what started their dating rumours is the fact that it came right during phase when Farhan was getting divorced from his wife Adhuna, leaving everyone speculating if Ms Kapoor is the reason for his divorce.

Now we don’t know what the truth is. Here’s a latest shocker that might further confirm Shraddha-Farhan’s ‘secret’ relationship.

Rumours are that during the Baaghi success bash which was held recently, Shraddha and Farhan got too close for comfort on the dance floor. In fact, an insider reveals that they took up to dirty dancing with some of the naughtiest moves on display.

We can’t believe this. Word is that Ms Kapoor and Farhan were quite cautious until Shraddha’s father Shakti Kapoor was around. However, as soon as her family left, she had her eyes only for Farhan, where the two even left together in the same car. Ahem! Now that’s a lot to get us talking. I mean, are Farhan and Shraddha really hinting at something more than friendship?