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What surprise will Konkana spring next?


Born to a family of intellectuals, poets, writers and actors, Konkana Sen Sharma is the third actress to join this trinity. She stayed with her mother, Aparna Sen from the age of six as her parents were divorced. As a result of that, she grew up watching a lot of international films and visiting film sets with her mother.

Konakan developed a liking for art house and independent films. She worked in three Bengali films from an early age of 10. She caught everyone’s attention when she played the lead in her mother’s film, MR AND MRS IYER alongside Rahul Bose. The film was initially released at film festivals and was received with words of appreciation from all over the world. It was fame for the young Konkana, whom the world hadn’t seen much except for the Bengali audience.

An international reviewer wrote, “… the movie clearly belongs to Konkona Sen Sharma… who as Meenakshi (Iyer) gets so beautifully into the psyche of a Tamil Brahmin … she emotes just splendidly: when her eyes well up at the thought of parting with Raja (Chowdhary), when she gently rests her head on his shoulder in the train, and when her expressions suggest the faintest hint of love, we know that here is a great actress.” A reluctant Konkana had arrived with this film.

Unlike any other actress who would have packed her bags and left for Mumbai, Konkana spent a few more years doing films that she believed in. Her big Bollywood break was also a non-commercial film wherein she played a journalist covering the glamorous lives of Bollywood stars in the film PAGE 3. Appreciated much for showing the hard-hitting realities of the film world, Konkana emerged as a clear winner in her Hindi debut. She carried the innocence of a rookie journalist and the will to change society, perfectly as Madhur Bhandarkar wished to portray them.

Seen donning a saree or Indian wear at every public appearance, Konkana carved a niche audience for herself in the industry dominated by glamorous actors and actresses. Not the quintessential girl-next-door, Konkana has been applauded for her simple dusky Bengali features. Hence in an attempt at not being stereotyped, she hasn’t restricted herself to playing repetitive roles. She did films like MIXED DOUBLES, YUN HOTA TOH KYA HOTA, LIFE IN A METRO and DIL KABADDI to try out new genres, like comedy and drama. Alongside she also did films like OMKARA for which she won her second National award and TRAFFIC SIGNAL in which she played the role of a prostitute.

While she has had her share of commercial films, she was also a part of films like WAKE UP SID! LUCK BY CHANCE and ATITHI TUM KAB JAOGE. And not to forget, her latest TALVAR, based on the Arushi murder case, where she played the mother who is accused of her daughter’s murder. The film not only went on to become a huge hit, it also garnered a lot of attention to the case.

Konkana’s brave choice of films and headstrong attitude has always lifted her as an actress and we love her for that. With her debut as director with DEATH IN A GUNJ up ahead, we can’t wait to see what stunning surprise lies ahead!