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What Nargis wanted in her relationship…


Before Nargis Fakhri supposedly suffered a breakdown and fled the country, she had revealed tellingly in an interview that if God were to grant her one wish, she would ask for her regular life back.

To return to her family and friends was what her heart desired and now she apparently has what she had been seeking. The stunner’s sense of humour was earthy and self-deprecatory as she spoke of how she never checks on how she looks before she steps out. Evidently she arrives on her set with dried up toothpaste on her body, her hair messy and traces of leftover make-up as well. Her team then proceeds to sort her out and transform her into a different person.

Another example of her funny, even crassy wit… asked if she would choose Batman or Superman, she quipped that it could be either or then whoever had the bigger penis! The last line of her autobiography she would have read as, ‘And then she farted…’ She spoke laughingly about supposed beau, Uday Chopra too, revealing that if they were stuck in a lift together, they might make small talk, then start dancing, she would crack jokes and do something gross, all leading to Uday crying to get out of the lift!

She sobers up when speaking about infidelity, demanding to know the point of being in a serious relationship if one is unable to be loyal! Her advice? Stay single or tell your partner that you are not serious about it. Open relationships do exist, she points out, adding that honesty and communication are very important in a relationship.

The Butter Chicken-loving Nargis has not decided on what she would name her kids but she has names for her future doggies picked out – Brutus or Noodles, it will be! She has worn the strangest outfits for her films but when it comes to unwanted attention from the actors, she knows just how to laugh at them; her best way of dealing with it! And finally, ask what her epitaph on her tombstone would read and it is an unsurprising – “Nargis Fakhri gave no ‘fakhs’” Come back soon, Nargis. There’s no one here quite like you!