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What Karan likes…besides Bipasha!


All eyes are peeled for their upcoming wedding but fact is, besides his notorious love history – two failed marriages in his kitty! – not too much is known about Karan Singh Grover, the person. A few insights into Bipasha Basu’s soon-to-be-husband…

An avid fitness buff, he never skips his workout. This, he believes is very important, because we are given one body and it’s ours till the end, so one needs to put efforts and care into maintaining it right. Exercising, he points out, makes one’s body better and helps it last longer. KSG works out even on holiday, and it is no deadly duty to him but sheer pleasure. He trains two to three body parts a day, which means that within three days of working out, he has completed his entire body workout. He repeats the schedule every three days. What works for the hunk is a combination of cardio and weight training, and also stretching exercises. If time permits, he squeezes in some sports as well.

Food-wise, he stays away from the oily stuff, preferring to have light meals at regular intervals. He eats around four small meals a day, which comprise a high-protein and high-fibre diet. Of course, while on vacation he attacks the beef burgers at Burger King with a vengeance!

Going by their umpteen photographs shared from holidays in Goa and the Maldives, no prizes for guessing that Karan and Bips are beach babies all the way. The dishy actor is so partial to beaches that he wishes he could do everything in water, including indulge in water sports. His playlist will comprise Rock, R&B and Hip-hop music, while his fave series is ‘Sherlock’. Come within sniffing distance of the hunk, and that lovely whiff you catch will mostly likely be Burberry Grit, his pet perfume. What else? Oh yes, he’s madly, deeply in love… and we’re hoping he stays that way!